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The Murder Man

The Murder Man

1935 film by Tim Whelan

The Murder Man is a 1935 American crime-drama film starring Spencer Tracy, Virginia Bruce, and Lionel Atwill, and directed by Tim Whelan. The picture was Tracy's first film in what would be a twenty-year career with MGM. Tracy plays an investigative reporter who specializes in murder cases. The film is notable as the feature film debut of James Stewart (who had previously appeared in a Shemp Howard comedy short called Art Trouble). Stewart has sixth billing as a reporter named Shorty.

The Murder Man (1935)


Steve Grey (Spencer Tracy) is an ace newspaper reporter with a keen eye for details on the homicide beat. So, when a local rogue is shot and killed, the police pay special attention to Grey's articles, in which he reveals an extraordinary murder plot, fingering the man's business partner, Henry Mander (Harvey Stephens). But once Mander is convicted and on his way to the electric chair, Grey grows increasingly edgy. Slowly, gossip columnist Mary Shannon (Virginia Bruce) realizes why.


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July 12, 1935

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