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Remote staff business software: Virtual Rooms, Online screen monitoring, Private Chats, Security group calls, Time tracker, Task manager, p2p files transfer, Security Cloud Storate

This is a SAAS platform that provides a comfortable transition of most of the company's business processes online, allowing not only to maintain the normal working activities of the company, but also to increase its productivity.

The following solutions are now available:

Screener application (Win, Linux, Mac) allows you to share your screen with anyone on the Internet in one click;

Online monitoring of employee screens;

Communication of remote employees (Virtual rooms, Chats, Calls, Group calls, screen sharing);

Employee working time monitoring (Time tracker with reports in the context of tasks and screen recording);

Task Manager (integration with Trello and Jira);

Cloud storage;

Recording video from the screen - cool works for online instructions.


The main part of the team consists of developers. In particular, backend, frontend and machine learning developers are working on the implementation of the project, a total of 7 people from the company

Work on the creation of the software began in March and continues to this day. In general, at the moment, about 2.5 man-years of programmers have been spent on the implementation of the project. Also, the next 4,000 man-hours have already been budgeted for the implementation of the following tasks that are already in our Roadmap, including artificial intelligence.


March 2021
They acted as an information sponsor of the online hackathon.
April 2020 was born.


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