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Steth IO

Steth IO

A digital health startup company producing a smartphone integrated stethoscope to visualize and hear heart and lung sounds as well as artificial intelligence software for improved characterization.

Steth IO is a digital health startup company utilizing mobile, cloud, machine learning, and sensor technology to produce a smart stethoscope, a smartphone-based stethoscope with artificial intelligence. The company's technology allows for health providers to visualize, hear, and characterize heart & lung sounds. Digitally save and share auscultations for cardiology and pulmonary consultation. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are used to characterize the heart sounds to improve the accuracy of diagnosing conditions like heart failure and heart murmurs.

The stethoscope is integrated into a smartphone case. It requires no batteries, charging or pairing to work and can be used with just one hand, enabling physicians to conduct faster, simpler exams.

In 2015 Steth IO began working on scaling up production and applying for FDA approval to market the stethoscope as a medical device to physicians. Many further iterations of both the hardware and the software followed. The company was also issued several patents. With FDA approval granted and core members added to the team, the Steth IO device was commercially launched in April 2018.


Steth IO was founded in 2015 by Mahesh Mulumudi (President and CEO), Suman Mulumudi (Chairman), Craig Rosenberg, and Vikram Chalana. The company headquarters are located in Bothell, Washington, part of the Seattle metropolitan area.

Suman Mulumudi began working on devices to improve stethoscopes in 2013 when he was 14 years old. His father, cardiologist Mahesh Mulumudi, told him about the difficulties of hearing and diagnosing heart problems using a standard stethoscope. Using a 3D printer Suman developed various prototypes that were integrated into an iPhone. After encouraging feedback from the wider medical community Suman and his father started a company to make his invention available to doctors all over the world.


Steth IO has raised a total of $1.9M in funding over 2 rounds (Seed and Venture). Their most recent funding was a $1.23M Venture Round on 30th July 2018. The investment was made by several unnamed angel investors. The company said this new funding will support the device’s expansion into the EU and Canada along with clinical trials that will study the device’s use in patients with specific cardiovascular health problems.


July 2018
Steth IO raises a $1,200,000 venture round.
February 2015
Steth IO raises a $700,000 seed round.

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Avani Vimawala

Operations Director

Kris Kompella


Mahesh Mulumudi

President, CEO, and Co-Founder

Suman Mulumudi

Chairman and Co-Founder

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