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Sprite Club

Sprite Club

Sprites are a collection of 7,777 NFTs based on hundreds of hand drawn traits. A 'Choose Your Own Minting Adventure' personality quiz will decide 5 distinct Classes your Sprite will be assigned, based on your personality. Will you be an Adventurer Sprite, Mystic Sprite, Warrior Sprite, Muse Sprite or a Dark Sprite?

Sprite Club Official

Spritepaper — The Foreword.

The Preface, laying out the origin, vision and purpose of Sprite Club; a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ story in which you will embark upon a journey into the Sprite Realm.

“After receiving a mysterious invitation to an organisation known as Sprite Club, you will embark upon a journey through the initiation process to enter the Sprite Realm, and in doing so be sorted in to one of 5 Classes, based on your personality and the choices you make when faced with obstacles on your adventure. Will you be a Warrior, Mystic, Adventurer, Muse or Rogue Sprite?”

Only those intrepid candidates who are brave of heart, strong of mind and devilishly curious dare accept an invitation to join us.

Authors Note

Our intention is to tell a story in which each individual is as much an author of their own fate as we, the architects of this tale are. Our unique minting process will be an interactive, narrative driven personality quiz which will classify prospective Sprite Club members as one of 5 distinct Classes. However this is truly only the Prologue to the story we wish to tell, one who’s narrative is uniquely personalised to each individual and who’s scope is endlessly vast.

What are Sprites?

Sprite Club NFT is a collection of 7,777 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, each unique in their combination of randomised, hand drawn traits. The prospective Sprite Club member will participate in our personality quiz Minting Adventure, and generate a Sprite custom to the class their decisions assigned them.

In this way, our community impacts the very narrative they have been participating in, for Class rarity will be entirely determined by the results of those who experience our minting adventure. This ratio of rarity will then be applied to any NFT an individual may want to mint in addition to the Sprite of their assigned class, which will be rolled out at random.

Any Sprite you own can act as your principle character through your future adventures into the Sprite Realm, bridging the physical and digital world. Our minting process is simply your gateway into a limitless possibility of future quests, each with more varied choices and outcomes, true to the Choose your Own adventure narrative at the heart of the story we wish to tell.


April 12, 2022
Sprite Club Official - Collection | OpenSea


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