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Sirona Capital

Sirona Capital

Sirona Capital is a real estate funds manager.

Sirona Capital is a Perth, Australia based funds alternative funds manager. They focus on urban renewal, private real estate and agricultural projects. Sirona Capital is an active manager which controls and operates the assets it develops or owns.

Their investment partners are global institutional investors, family offices and high net worth individuals. Investments tend to be five year average investment term. Sirona Capital has AUD$330 million of committed capital in 9 discrete managed funds.


Sirona Capital has invested in Antiva Biosciences, Constellation Pharmaceuticals, Arvinas, TCR2, Viela Bio, Hookipa Pharma and Codiak Biosciences. They have exited their investments in Arvinas, Constellation Pharmaceuticals, Viela Bio, TCR2 and Hookipa Pharma.

Their real estate funds are the Kings Square Fund, the Pakenham Street Hotel Fund, the Heirloom Fund, the Margaret River Retail Fund, the Adelaide Street Fund, the Lyall Street Fund and the Northern Gateway Fund.


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