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Seek Tiger

Seek Tiger

SEEK TIGER pioneered the combination of Mystery box, digital tiger and DAO, presenting users with an interesting meta universe ecology of NFT + DAO + GAMEFI.

We are a decentralized game aggregation platform committed to creating a GameFi game aggregation platform based on WEB 3.0 concepts, smart contract constraints, and DAO voting governance for global users, including decentralized NFT trading and a meta-universe ecosystem of cross-Tiger CAPITAL chain integration system.

Relying on SEEK TIGER's vast meta-cosmic ecosystem, SEEK TIGER can generate a strong economic centripetal force to meet the internal needs of chain travel and form an internal economic cycle. At the same time for developers and game players to provide an easy-to-use, simple, and interesting game aggregation platform.

TIGER DAO comprises more than 10,000 medals of Honor members and will continue to select and recruit outstanding talents to help launch more projects and help develop the game ecosystem.


Headquartered in the United States, the Tiger Capital Foundation is committed to developing SEEK Tiger and the long-term stable development of SEEK Tiger ecology.

The Tiger Capital Foundation will also be responsible for promoting and implementing games on the SEEK Tiger platform, facilitating the development of early game applications.

In SEEKTIGER's world, all characters and props are derived from the Genesis Digital Tiger. To reflect the rarity and scarcity of the digital tiger, we will be the total number of Mystery box issues constant for 100W. Each Mystery box can open a specific digital tiger. Open out the digital tiger storage with my backpack; users can be synthesized, converted, and traded. The box is priced at 10 USDT + 10STI, where 10 USDT is the cost of buying the box and 10STI is the cost of opening the box once.



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January 13, 2022


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