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The incubator / launchpad for blockchain games & metaverses

Seedify is an incubator and launchpad for blockchain games, and gamers.

Through the play-to-earn revolution, a completely new era is starting for the gaming industry. Whereas games were just about having fun before, now gamers are starting to make money from time spent on games, through earning in-game item NFTs and tokens.

The new forms of benefits blockchain brings to the table in the form of transparency, ownership, incentive models, and NFTs are disruptive evolutions for games.

Gaming industry market value peaked at 159.3 Billion $ in 2020, with over 2.7 billion gamers around the world. 2021 figures suggest an increasing demand and spending with 2.81 billion gamers and a market value of 189.3 Billion $.

At Seedify, we provide curated Initial Game Offerings (IGOs) through our platform, supporting quality blockchain games reach crowdsourced funding, as well as helping them with community building and marketing; while providing an avenue for our community to get the tokens of upcoming blockchain games before they get listed on exchanges.

We expect that blockchain gaming will bring millions of new users to blockchain, while creating many new jobs, financial benefits, as well as increasing the adoption rate of blockchain drastically.

If you want to take part in Initial Game Offerings (IGOs) through Seedify, and get tokens of the games you like before they get listed on exchanges, here you can find out more on how to participate in IGOs and join the revolution!


January 22, 2022
CyberTrade: Race. Fight. Build. Dominate Metropolit

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