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Samourai Wallet

Samourai Wallet

Samourai Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that offers users the ability to keep their cryptocurrencies stored safely and their identities and transactions private.

Samourai Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that was founded by a group of anonymous privacy activists in 2015. The Samourai Wallet allows users to anonymously store and make transactions that are private and anonymous.

Samourai Wallet offers several features which include: offline mode, Segregated Witness, smart miner fees (estimation of miner fees), DOJO trusted nodes (allows users to run their own full mining node), STONEWALL (provides security against address clustering deanonymization attacks), PayNym (reveals address to only the sender and recipient of transactions — no publicly shared addresses), batch spending (condenses many small transactions into one transaction), scrambled PIN (randomizes and removes visual PIN access every time the wallet application is loaded), stealth mode (removes Samourai Wallet from launcher and home screen of Android devices), remote SMS commands (allows stolen wallet recovery), toggle ricochet (reduces risk of account closure on third party exchange services), and OpenDime support.



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