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RUCOIN crypto ruble is a Russian cryptocurrency secured by RUCOIN LOYALTY obligations.

About project

The main goal of creating this digital currency is to solve the problems that buyers in Russia have begun to face more and more often. Modern marketplaces were forced to look for a similar way to solve the problem of upgrading loyalty systems for their users. The bottom line is that almost all customers use bonus programs, but the resulting bonuses and discounts remain unused. Most often this happens due to the fact that they are available only for certain categories of goods or services that are not necessary for the client.

Understanding the essence of this problem, the developers of Bitcoin decided that they could help such users by creating a unique digital coin. Since then, users can use the received discounts or bonuses not only to purchase goods and services, but also to exchange them for fiat money. Like any other crypto projects in Russia, Bitcoin is faced with the problem of distribution – for this, the creators are constantly working to attract new partner trading platforms.

Token Presale

The pre-sale is distinguished by the most favorable prices for tokens. At the pre-sale for 1ETH you will receive 395 RuCoin.

In addition to the favorable price, each investor will receive an additional bonus depending on the term of joining the project:

from 04 to 10 December — + 20%;

from 11 to 17 December — + 15%;

from December 18 to 24 — + 10%.

Pre-sale starts on 22.11.2017, ends on 27.12.2017. Cryptocurrencies are accepted as investments: Bitcoin (BTC), Entereum (ETH). The minimum contribution amount is 0.0025 BTC or 0.04 ETH. One investor can receive a minimum of 10 tokens, and a maximum of 50,000 tokens.

A total of 4.5 million RuCoin tokens will be distributed at this stage. This is 0.9% of the total number of coins issued.

The funds received will be used:

60% on development;

25% on the promotion of the main ICO;

2% — legal expenses and security;

3% — payments to advisors and partners;

10% will go to the reserve fund.


September 2018
Localization of the platform into additional languages.
June 2018
Android app has started.
May 2018
Application for iOS. Improving the web version.
May 2018
The RUCOIN cryptocurrency ICO has started.
March 2018
Listing of RUCOIN on international exchange platforms.
Development of additional functionality. Integration with third-party services.
December 2017
Users were presented with the legal structure of RUCOIN. A prototype of the RUCOIN CHECK platform also appeared.
November 2017
The start of the Pre-Sale of RUCOIN has begun.
October 2016
At this time, the developers made and tested the alpha version of the platform of the cryptocurrency in question. During the same period, the BRC platform was being developed.
December 2014
A detailed analysis of the needs of the market where bitcoin will work was carried out in order to use this knowledge in the development of the cryptocurrency protocol. During the same period, the first prototype of the RUCOIN platform was developed.

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