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Royal Air Forces Association

Royal Air Forces Association

The RAF Association is a well-established charity, managed by professionals and dedicated volunteers. For more details about us, our organisation, people, priorities and policies, plus our most recent annual reports, please follow the links below.

They were there for us in our darkest days. We must not fail them in theirs.

For over 90 years, the RAF Association have championed a simple belief – that no member of the RAF community should ever be left without the help that they need.

Not since WWII has the RAF been so constantly deployed on global operations – and across the generations, the need for support is becoming ever more complex. Demand for our services is therefore increasing significantly.

For the sake of everyone who needs our help, we must continue to evolve and innovate to meet these new challenges and remain at the leading edge of service provision. We must champion the best interests of the RAF community more strongly than ever before.

Only then can we be sure that every member of our RAF community is receiving the support they need and deserve.

The Association has a clear objective: to help sustain a resilient and empowered RAF community, including serving personnel, RAF veterans and their families.

We work to reduce loneliness and isolation by helping all generations to remain active, thriving and valued members of their local communities.

We relieve key elements of everyday life which can cause our beneficiaries pressure, by increasing resilience and wellbeing, while enabling strong relationships with family and friends.

We help vulnerable individuals in the RAF community to keep their freedom, dignity and independence, by empowering them and providing them with the tools they need.

Through our sector-leading services, we offer friendship to the isolated and lonely, sheltered housing for those who want to remain proudly independent, and childcare to serving personnel on RAF stations.

We also offer specialist online training programs – Finding It Tough? and Navigating Dementia – plus advice and assistance regarding war pensions or Armed Force Compensation Scheme payments.

Our branches help bring the RAF community together, and our caseworkers identify and support those going through particularly tough times.

With thousands of members across the UK and further afield, plus hundreds of dedicated employees and volunteers, we have the network and experience needed for a personal, one-to-one approach.

We work closely with partner organisations, including other military charities, and have a strong bond with our donors and other supporters, giving us the confidence to deliver for our beneficiaries when they need us.

We work together, to make sure no one is ever left behind.


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