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Roger Vivier brand

Roger Vivier brand

French brand that produces exquisite women's shoes and accessories.

Roger Vivier is a French fashion designer who specialized in women's footwear and made a significant contribution to the development of its design and construction.

Roger Vivier


Roger Vivier was born on November 13, 1907 in Paris. Having matured, Roger enters the Parisian art school École des Beaux-Arts, where he comprehends sculpture. Next, Vivier gets a job at a shoe factory. At this time, he began to collaborate with more famous brands, during his career with such famous fashion designers as Elsa Schiaparelli, Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent. By the way, it was Elsa who was the first to decide to include the creations of the young designer in her collection.

Ladylike buckle shoe

Roger designed shoes with thin stilettos, with a heel concave inward, especially for the French couturier, and, of course, we should not forget about the famous shoes with chrome square buckles , in which Catherine Deneuve appeared in the film "Beauty of the Day".

The first significant date in the history of the house can be called the year 1937, when Roger opened his own atelier in Paris at 22 Rue Royale, which later became one of the most famous fashion houses in the world. This contributed to the fact that many shoe companies learned about the talented designer and began to cooperate with him regularly (among them were Delman, Salamander and Terner).

He design the shoes Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II worn in 1953 on her coronation day.

The shoes the Queen of England wore on the day of her coronation

In 1954, he developed another novelty in the world of shoes - the Stiletto high heel with a metal rod inside.

In 1994, Vivier entered into an agreement with Rautureau Apple Shoes, which gave him the opportunity to open a brand boutique in Paris, 4 years later the maestro dies. And in 2003, his offspring was bought out by an entrepreneur, Diego Della Valle, founder of Tod's Group.

Diego Della

He bought the dying brand and appointed Bruno Frisoni as creative director. With the advent of Della Valle, Roger Vivier's business went uphill: the products of the French accessory house are sold in 25 stores around the world.

Bruno Frisoni

Frisoni was inspired by old sketches that were kept in the company's archives, but the models were imbued with novelty and a spirit of spontaneity. Bruno tried to keep the spirit of the brand, but at the same time not copying the details of the famous master.

In 2007, the Belle Vivier shoe model was introduced to the world - shoes with metal buckles.

In 2004, the flagship store of the brand was opened and there was a full-scale restart of all production lines. After that, collections of women's handbags were also launched, and in 2007 a couture line of shoes appeared.

Couture luxury shoes RV

Roger Vivier perfume

In 2010, was designed a dress for Cate Blanchett, who played the role of Lady Marion in the Robin Hood film.

In addition, in the same year, the first personalized perfume of the fashion house was released in five different variations.

The year 2013 in the history of the company was remembered for the release of another model of shoes with a concave heel, called Comma.

Comma Heels

Roger Vivier is considered one of the most popular accessory brands on all red carpets.

Today, Roger Vivier continues supporting the talent and excellence of outstanding women such as Cate Blanchett, Scarlett Johansson, Charlize Theron, Sharon Stone, Marion Cotillard, Katie Holmes, Jessica Alba, Freida Pinto, Anne Hathaway, Shu Qi, Fan Bingbing and Jennifer Lawrence.

Celebrities in Roger Vivier.

Now all Roger Vivier shoes are handmade in Italian factories. The current leadership carefully preserves the memory of the great Vivier and does not change his style.

Who Owns Roger Vivier?

The brand has been owned by Diego Della Valle's company, Tod's, from 2006. As of November 2015, Tod's owns 60.7% in the shoe brand.

Is Roger Vivier sneakers true to size?

An iconic buckle in matte black enhances the chic textural mix on a trend-forward sneaker featuring a platform heel with a signature curved silhouette. Fit: True to size.


"Comma" heels was released.
Dress for Kare Blanchett was presented.

Roger Vivier perfumes was launched.

A couture line of the brand was launched.
The flagship store of the brand was opened.
Diego Della bought the Roger Vivier company.
Roger Vivier died.
Roger entered into an agreement with Rautureau Apple Shoes.
Elizabeth II chose pair of shoes by Roger Vivier for her own coronation,
Designer developed the Stiletto high heel with a metal rod inside.
Roger opened his own atelier in Paris at 22 Rue Royale.


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