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Rebel Venture Fund

Rebel Venture Fund

Rebel Venture Fund is a student-led venture capital fund of University of Nevada Las Vegas. It invests in companies in Southern Nevada.

Rebel Venture Fund is a venture capital firm based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The firm invests in all stages including seed, early and late stage of companies preferably based in Southern Nevada. Investments typically range from $25,000 to $50,000. Rebel Venture Fund was founded in 2013 with a founding gift of $500,000 from Jeff Moskow.

The Rebel Venture Fund is University of Nevada, Las Vegas' student run venture capital fund that makes equity investments in private high-growth companies throughout Las Vegas and Southern Nevada.

In their investments, Revel Venture Fund works not only to support companies throughout Southern Nevada, but also to provide support for the community and and give University of Nevada, Las Vegas students real-world venture capital experiences.

For their students, Rebel Venture Fund helps students learn how to work with entrepreneurs and leaders in the business community to conduct screenings, due diligence, investments, negotiations, and close deals.


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