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Quantum Materials Corporation

Quantum Materials Corporation

Quantum Materials Corp. manufacture quantum dots and develop related products for use in displays, solar energy, lighting and anti-counterfeit applications.

Quantum Materials Corporation (QMC) is a nanotechnology company that designs, develops, and manufactures quantum dots. QMC was founded in 2008 and is based in San Marcos, Texas. QMC has raised a total of $490K in funding over 2 rounds.

As of 2020, QMC has supplied quantum dots for displays, solar energy, lighting, and anti-counterfeit applications. QMC are developing quantum dots for energy storage, medical diagnostics, and quantum computing.

Anti-Counterfeit Applications

QMC combine their quantum dot nanotechnology with blockchain ledger technology to ensure products are authentic throughout their entire supply chain.

Quantum dots are manufactured that produce an optical signature when exposed to an excitation energy source. These are incorporated into the physical product at the time of manufacture. The quantum dot signature creates a digital representation that is stored securely using a blockchain platform.



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Stephen Squires


October 30, 2019


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