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PubLoft is a content marketing agency for startups. They help more companies grow sustainably through blogging and SEO

PubLoft is a content marketing agency aiming to help early stage startups with their organic lead generation. PubLoft's thesis on marketing is that startups who rely on paid ads to grow in the early days suffer from very high CAC and their gross margins get thinner as the companies get bigger. PubLoft aims to reverse this.

PubLoft works with companies to help them establish a content strategy, a SEO friendly site, makes sure al tags on sert up properly on their site. If the company needs help with the execution of this plan, PubLoft has a database of thousands of writers on all industries to work with on any given topic. Most companies will be able to find a fit with a PubLoft writer.

In depth, some of the services that PubLoft offers are:

PubLoft's Services
Content strategy

Content SEO audit

A complete audit of your existing content, unearthing opportunities to improve your content’s relevance to search terms, and keywords/search rankings.

Core topic cluster strategy

Brainstorming all possible topics you could publish on, organized into meaningful categories that will turn into pillar content pages over time.

Organic competition analysis

A 30,000-foot view of your top 30 organic search competitors—the websites ranking where you want to be—and a report on how they’re ranking so well.

Keyword research

Professional-grade keyword data indicating the top-priority opportunities to rank quickly and impactfully.

Distribution analysis

Finding the most impactful publications to reach out to for guest posting, cross-publishing, and link building opportunities.

Content conversion audit

A deep dive on your lowest-converting pages, and heatmap report to identify opportunities to increase readership and time on page. Brainstorming all possible topics you could publish on, organized into meaningful categories that will turn into pillar content pages over time.

Content creation

Medium-form articles

Typical blog-style content—the best way to begin. We target one longer-tail keyword per article, then improve them over time to rank for more & greater volume keywords.

Short-form content

Most effective when taken from medium-form articles. Perfect for organic social media, email newsletters, and paid ads.

Long-form “10x value” content

The popular “Ultimate Guides” and downloadable eBooks/whitepapers. Best produced by building on top of medium-form articles over time.

Content distribution


Syndicating your blog content to Medium publications, LinkedIn, and more. We highly recommend a LinkedIn strategy.

Guest posting

Strategic outreach efforts to contribute guest articles to popular SMB publications and/or receive a backlink to content on your site.


Partnering with non-competitive brands seeking to publish & share value content for SMB audiences. Great for case studies.

Organic mentions

Earned media: media & consumers talking about you on their own. The hardest to achieve unless your product is downright awesome. Can be engineered.

Paid mentions

Buying placements in articles and on social media (not ads). Direct sponsorship and influencer marketing.

Paid advertising

Running ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, you name it. Effective for quickly testing content relevance & effectiveness in search.


February 1, 2019
Jason Calacanis invests $100,000 into PubLoft, as they join the LAUNCH Accelerator
November 29, 2018
PubLoft reaches $20,000 MRR
June 29, 2018
Jeremy Chevallier joins Mat Sherman to relaunch PubLoft 2.0.
January 29, 2018
PubLoft 1.0 runs out of money and ceases operations
April 20, 2017
PubLoft 1.0 is founded by Mat Sherman



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