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Prosimo is a Santa Clara, California-based infrastructure development company offering cloud-computing infrastructure.

Prosimo is a developer of an application experience infrastructure platform intended to offer a multi-cloud infrastructure strategy to deliver secure, cost-optimized apps. The company's platform handles both user-to-app and app-to-app requirements, preventing multiple fragmented initiatives in the cloud. It provides secure access, app experience, real-time insights, and quantified recommendations for multi-cloud.

Application eXperience Infrastructure platform

Prosimo's Application eXperience Infrastructure (AXI) platform is developed for multi-cloud infrastructure, offering integrated infrastructure stack to deliver an application with embedded security for cloud computing architects and security teams. AXI is intended to be deployed within a customer's cloud infrastructure and automatically scales an organization's multi-cloud presence, dynamically enabling security in real time and balancing the implementation costs. This is with a transparent infrastructure, intended to deliver the desired level of application experience and ensure contextual secure access to users from a single infrastructure stack.

AIR engine

Prosimo also offers an app-driven intelligent results (AIR) engine, intended to provide an artificial intelligence-powered application experience recommendations based on behavior from sensors distributed across an infrastructure. The AIR engine monitors, reacts, and improves experiences while offering security services.

The machine learning works to make recommendations per customer based on the learning from activity, as well as cost and performance optimization, dynamic user risk scores, and infrastructure expansion based on user accounts.

Secure eXperience

The AXI platform works to provide zero trust access, app layer protections, and adaptive risk control by delivering appropriate enterprise security services across organizations. This can work on different types of underlying infrastructure. The SX (secure eXperience) includes SAML- and OIDC-based identity federation, MFA, web application firewall, IP reputation, distributed denial of service (DDOS) prevention and UEBA.

eXperience Delivery (XD)

The Prosimo XD is intended to ensure a desired application experience for users, where they log on using a private contend delivery network (CDN), multi-cloud networking, private link, cloud peering, load balancing, and the cloud service provider (CSP) edge. This is all intended to help enterprises to deliver automated and desired experiences without operations teams having to configure and manually optimize cloud infrastructure.


June 28, 2021
Viptela founding team launches Prosimo with $25 million in venture funding to modernize the infrastructure stack for multi-cloud
April 6, 2021
Prosimo raises a $25,000,000 series A round from Celesta Capital and General Catalyst.

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Viptela Founding Team Launches Prosimo with $25 Million in Venture Funding to Modernize the Infrastructure Stack for Multi-Cloud


April 6, 2021


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