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OCS Distribution

OCS Distribution

OCS is a broad-based distributor that has been on the market since 1994.

OCS is a wide-specialized distributor that has been working on the market since 1994. The company specializes in the supply of project and volumetric equipment, as well as software. The company's central office is in St. Petersburg, additional offices are located in 27 major Russian cities and Almaty, Kazakhstan. The list of OCS partners includes more than 10,000 companies from hundreds of cities in Russia.

OCS supplies more than 160 product lines of the world's leading manufacturers. Product catalog includes the following product groups: active and passive networking equipment, graphic stations, control and measuring equipment, mobile systems, monitors and displays, equipment for labeling and automatic identification of data, personal computers, software, projectors, interactive whiteboards, cameras, e-books, servers, security systems, UPS, air conditioning systems, data storage systems, TVs, telephony and telecommunications equipment, printing, copying equipment

OCS lists manufacturers and brands among its vendors: ABBYY, ACER, Adaptec, ADATA, Aiptek, AMD, AMP, APC, Apple, AQUARIUS, ASCO, ASKO, ASRock, ASUS, ATEN, AudioCodes, AVAYA, Babyliss, Belkin, BOSCH, Brandt, Braun, Brocade, Buffalo Technology, Cablofil, CANDY, Canon, Check Point, Ciena, CISCO, Citrix Systems, Cooler Master, Corsair, Crucial, Dell, Disney, D-Link, Dune HD, ELECTROLUX, Electronic Arts, Elica, EMC, Epson, Estap, Fenice, Fischer Audio and many others (over 150 vendors in total).

The company provides comprehensive support to its partners. This includes merchandising, technical (warranty and service) and financial support, and training events.

OCS Distribution is a distributor of technology solutions for project markets and retail. The Company operate across a dozen time zones, promote hundreds of vendors, and connect thousands of businesses. Every product whoose deliver through the channel is accompanied by high-tech, expert, digital and intelligent services.

Distribution as a Service

Sales (Distribution • Regional office • Lead generation & processing • Deal registration • Rebates • Partner network setup • Government procurement support • Telesales)

Logistics (Delivery and Shipping • Storage and warehousing • 3rd party goods imports • Temporary imports • Authorization documents)

Finance (Leasing • IFRS/Russian accounting standards/paperwork • Segregated accounts • Scoring • Factoring)

Marketing (Public & Media relations • Internet marketing • Corporate Merchandise • Creative studio • Localization of marketing activities • Marketing reports • Event management • Online event management • Marketing Campaigns • Regional Tech showrooms)

Technology (Outsourcing • Demo equipment and samples • Training • Support • Service Centre • Pearson Vue Certification Centre)

Platforms (EDI • EDO • C2P • Cloud Marketplace • B2B • API • Server Configurator)


Participation in TAdviser SummIT. IT distributor OCS leaves National Computer Corporation.

Participation in TAdviser SummIT

OCS, a leading project IT distributor in Russia, a global provider of technology solutions for project markets and retail, participated as a Partner in TAdviser SummIT 2021: Best IT Practices in Russia on May 26, 2021

IT distributor OCS has left National Computer Corporation

As TAdviser found out in April 2021, IT distributor OCS has left National Computer Corp. (NCC) left OCS, one of the oldest and largest IT distributors in the Russian market. This is one of the first companies, with which the history of NCC began in 2003.

After the separation of OCS in the NCC structure remain producer of computer equipment "Aquarius", group "Systematics" providing a set of IT-services from IT-consulting to the implementation and support, "National platform" - producer of the Russian ERP-system under the brand of "Ma-3", and the Dubai National Computer Corporation Middle East - "daughter" of the NCC, which promotes the corporation solutions abroad.

According to the information of TAdviser, the decision of OCS withdrawal from NCC was made a couple of years ago, but its implementation was somewhat delayed. It happens against the background of the Corporation assets redistribution, as a result of which Alexander Kalinin also wants to leave "Systematics" and concentrate 100% of the PC producer "Aquarius" on his side, buying out the shares from the partners - Leonid Goldenberg and Evgeny Lachkov. But those, in turn, according to the newspaper Kommersant, want to sell their shares to Denis Frolov, co-owner of the Astra Linux group, who also plans to gain control in the processor manufacturer Baikal (more here). As of April 2021, negotiations between the partners are still ongoing.

Launch of microelectronics. Introduction of the simplified online registration procedure for partners on the B2B portal. Apple authorization of iPhone direction.

Launch of the "microelectronics" direction

On September 9, 2020, OCS announced the expansion of the product range: the direction of "electronic components (microelectronics)" was added to the product portfolio of the distributor. These products, designed for use in the manufacture of various electronic devices and appliances, are already available to OCS partners in all regions of the country.

Introduction of a simplified online registration procedure for partners on the B2B-portal

OCS Distribution announced on July 3, 2020, that it has introduced a simplified online registration procedure for new partners on the B2B portal - EasyWay. Thanks to the digitalization of the new partner's initial verification process, purchasing equipment from the distributor can now begin within 24 hours of application.

Apple's iPhone authorization

OCS Distribution, a project distributor in the Russian IT market, announced May 27, 2020, that it has received additional authorization from its partner, Apple. As part of the expanded agreement, OCS will supply the dealer channel with iPhones.

President Alexei Kalinin sells his stake in OCS and leaves the company. Adding Delphix platform to product portfolio. Multimedia AV business line. Launch of medical equipment distribution.

President Alexei Kalinin sells his stake in OCS and leaves the company

On September 30, 2019, OCS announced that OCS President Alexei Kalinin has decided to sell his stake in the company to his partners and step down as president of the company. This decision was made with the full agreement and mutual respect of the parties, OCS noted. Please click here for more information.

Inclusion of Delphix platform in product portfolio

On May 22, 2019, OCS announced the expansion of its infrastructure software business to include the Delphix dynamic data platform, a RDBMS virtualization and data masking solution, in its product portfolio. Read more here.

Multimedia AV Business Line.

In April 2019, it announced the formation of a project business line for the complex audio-visual equipment category, Multimedia (AV).

The distributor expanded its existing pool of brands with new names. OCS assortment has expanded due to Kramer Electronics switching equipment, Legrand audiovisual systems, Projecta and Da-Lite projection screens, CHIEF professional brackets, Middle Atlantic rack cabinets, Vaddio video cameras and other proven solutions of leading world manufacturers to create complex projects of any size.

Start distributing medical equipment

In mid-February 2019, OCS Distribution announced the opening of a new distribution business - medical equipment and accessories. The first partner of the Russian company in this market became the manufacturer of hearing aids ReSound, a member of the Danish concern GN Group. Read more here.

Searches in OCS offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Decrease of partner network by 3000 companies due to the crisis,

The regional network of OCS offices as of 2017 included 27 cities in Russia. The company worked with more than 8,500 partners - retail and corporate resellers, large companies and small local vendors.

OCS worked in all product areas of the IT and consumer electronics market, including computer hardware, telecommunications, peripheral and networking equipment, components, storage systems, infrastructure software, consumables, home appliances, accessories and interactive entertainment products, about 270 lines in total from leading global vendors.

Searches in NCC and OCS offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg

In the offices of NKK and OCS on December 6, 2017, investigative measures similar to those held on the same day in "Lanita", two sources told Tadviser, citing employees of the company. The events are taking place, in particular, at NCC's central office in Moscow (Comcity office park, 6 bldg. 1) and at the OCS office in St. Petersburg (Bolshoi Sampsonievsky 68D). Please click here for more information.

Reduction of partner network by 3000 companies because of crisis

As TAdviser learned in August 2017, OCS has significantly reduced the number of partners over the past few years. In 2014-2015, in particular, the distributor's partner network decreased by 3,000 companies: from about 11,000 to 8,000.

OCS attributes this to the crisis phenomena in the Russian market: due to economic difficulties there are simply fewer companies on the market.

In 2013 OCS had almost 11000 partners

"In 2015, the IT market collapsed, and it is clear that not all companies survived this situation. "The death or takeover of large companies is piecemeal and was in full view of the market. The reduction of the partner network occurred mainly at the expense of smaller organizations, and in the regions the reduction is greater than in the center, because the crisis in the regions affected the market more severely, "- explained to TAdviser in OCS."

At the same time, OCS said, the company's partner network grew to 8,500 organizations in 2016. This is an indirect sign that the market situation has stopped deteriorating.

OCS Distribution became an official partner of Russian FC "Lokomotiv".

Distribution company OCS since March 1, 2016 - the official partner of the FC "Lokomotiv". The partnership agreement will be valid until the end of the season.

Searches at the OCS office.

In February 2015, searches were carried out in the office of OCS in St. Petersburg, reported the regional portal According to the newspaper, ten operatives of the Department of Economic Security and Anti-Corruption of the Main Department of Internal Affairs, three investigators of the Department of Internal Affairs for the Central District, eight SWAT officers and ten employees of the Tax Service of St. Petersburg came to the premises of the company.

According to the portal, searches were conducted throughout the company's office, including management offices. As a result of the raids dozens of boxes with confiscated hard drives and packages of documents were taken to the St. Petersburg directorate of the Federal Tax Service. The next day the same and in the same composition was carried out in the company's storage facilities.

Distribution agreement with Extreme Networks.

On November 13, 2014, representatives from Extreme Networks and OCS Distribution announced a distribution agreement.

IBM Competence Center opens. Full accreditation package for Cisco technologies. Receiving of Channel Supplier status from Intel.

Overall in 2013, each of the segments nearly maintained its share of the OCS business mix. The biggest changes - 2% each - occurred in the segment of PCs, servers, NAS (their share decreased by 2% compared to 2012) and in the segment of home appliances and electronics (its share increased by 2%).

The regional distribution of sales also changed insignificantly over the year. As a result of slight growth of sales, the share of regions increased by 1% to 40%, and the share of St. Petersburg increased by 1% due to the reduction of the share of Moscow. Moscow now accounts for 44% of sales and St. Petersburg for 16%.

The product portfolio of the Company by the end of the year grew to over 250 product lines from Russian and international manufacturers and developers of equipment and software. The partner channel of OCS also increased and consists of more than 11,000 companies that purchase products for subsequent sales to end users - organizations and individuals. The total number of OCS employees is more than 3,000 people.

Opening of the IBM Competence Center

In August 2013, OCS Distribution opened the IBM Center of Competence.

The center was opened as a result of a joint initiative of the vendor and the distributor, the cooperation of which began in 2010 with IBM STG (hardware). In 2011, the product portfolio of OCS was supplemented with IBM software: ICS, Tivoli, WebSphere, Business Analytics, Rational, Information Management, Industry Solutions and Security Systems. In 2013, one of the focuses of business development of the two companies was the creation of the Center of Competence, where the key element is the Educational Cloud IBM-Soft (EduCloud) complex.

Full package of Cisco technology accreditations

OCS Distribution in 2013 reported becoming an accredited Cisco distributor in the EMEAR region in the following technology areas: Enterprise Networking, Collaboration, Data Center, Security, and Small Business. This is the maximum number of accreditations stipulated by the program for Cisco distributors in EMEAR.

Obtaining the status of Channel Supplier from Intel

On January 22, 2013 OCS Distribution announced that it acquired Channel Supplier status from Intel Corporation. It was in recognition of the company's achievements in the development of sales of Intel products through regional partner channel. This status allows OCS to provide partners with extended support and keep the widest possible range of Intel products in stock: both in Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as in the regions.

Separation of relationship with Microsoft, Eset, Coral and Doctor Web.

On 25 July 2012 it became known that Microsoft has deprived OCS of partner status for corporate licenses for its software. This was stated by the company's president Maxim Sorokin in a letter to the OCS employees.

At the end of the fiscal year (ends in Microsoft June 30) OCS was the fastest growing distributor (42.8% with the growth of the vendor 12.48%), the letter says. The volume of sales of Microsoft licenses in OCS was $ 70 million, its market share is estimated at 18%. Sorokin calls this result fair: "We did not sell to sub-distributors, and our figures are not 'inflated' at the expense of their turnovers.

According to the head of OCS, his company was the only one of the six distributors of Microsoft licenses, which lost its distributor status. "Microsoft pushes us to work 'second-hand' - to develop business for them as a sub-distributor," he believes.

Sorokin calls this decision unprecedented: "I haven't seen anything like this in the market in the last 25 years. I was shocked for almost twenty-four hours, and I was hurt for the work of a huge team. And then I realized that this is great news. And, of course, we're not going to be a sub-distributor."

OCS has been selling Microsoft licenses for almost four years. "All the time it was a dumping market and the vendor did nothing about it, - says Sorokin. - The last six months the market went into the negative zone. We have repeatedly discussed whether it is time to close this direction. The vendor did what we did not dare to do - we throw this "suitcase without a handle", which is very difficult to drag.

Growth of 49%.

OCS turnover in 2011 was up 49.6% over 2010. Equipment was purchased by 9,100 dealers in 620 cities and towns, an increase of 12% over last year.


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