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Newark Venture Partners

Newark Venture Partners

A venture capital and private equity firm investing in early stage business to business companies.

Newark Venture Partners is a venture capital and private equity firm investing in early stage business to business companies that is headquartered in Newark, New Jersey and was founded in 2015 by Daniel Bork, Don Katz, and Tom Wisniewski. Notable investments made by the company include: CircleLink Health, Augmented Review, Designity, Vetty, Inpensa, UpChannel, Bixby, and StrongArm Technologies.

Newark Venture Partners invests up to a convertible note cap of $4 million and takes a 4% equity stake in the companies it supports that make it through their accelerator program.


Newark Venture Partners runs a 12 week bridge-to-seed accelerator program twice a year for 10 companies participating in each accelerator program. Qualifications companies are required to have before participating in Newark Venture Partners accelerator program are they must be a business to business company, have between 10,000 to 50,000 in monthly revenue, and be in one of the following industries: future of work, human resources technology, health technology, financial technology, marketplaces, or voice.

Newark Capital invests $200,000 in funding, and up to $1 million in follow-on funding, to companies in its accelerator programs. According to the companies website, companies participating in their accelerator experience the following results 6 months after their graduation dates: 67% of companies close an institutional seed round, close an average of $2 million in investment capital, and double their sales.

Notable companies previously participating in Newark Capital Partners accelerator program include: Claim it!, GitLinks, Veritonic, WearAway, Hyr, DocDelta, SAM.AI, WallSheet, and Dream Forward.

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In May 2016, Newark Venture Partners announced raising $23 million in funding and the launch of their accelerator program.


Newark Venture Partners was founded by Don Katz.

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