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The war between hero and monster is coming, pick your side to fight.

MetaLand is an RPG in monsters' perspective based on the D20 rules. It balances casual and strategy, with a complete social system and an extremely strong meta-universe immersion. The plot of the game takes place on top of the magic continent. Players can claim their own lands, can cast monsters, organize their own monster teams to adventure in the map, defeat real enemies, solve random events, collect powerful treasures, and maintain the peace and stability of the magic continent. Yes, we are going to develop a new game mode with a monster's perspective against the hero, it will be the first game sample of GameDAO, and we sincerely invite every member of the community to write with the development team.

Game Elements


Adventurers seek money, glory, justice, fame, power, knowledge, and other

goals, some noble in purpose, some very mundane. Each adventurer will choose

a different way to achieve these goals, some use brute force to spar, others rely

on powerful spells or subtle skills.

Adventurer is the role of Rarity game ecology, there are 11 professions,


Barbarian: A brave fighter who uses his anger and intuition to take down his


Bard: an artist who produces magical effects with music, and a wanderer who

goes around telling legends of the countryside, with some skills in almost


Cleric: clergy who can perform divine magic, but also good fighters.

Druid: draws energy from nature and can perform divine magic and unique

magical powers.

MetaLand Litepaper V1.1 4

Fighter: process more fighting ability than ordinary people, and good at all kinds

of weapons.

Monk: experts in empty-handed combat, with rapid and powerful special


Paladin: the guardian of justice and the nemesis of evil, sheltered by divine


Ranger: Dexterous and seasoned field fighters

Rogue: skilled scout or spy, good at hiding rather than relying on brute force.

Sorcerer: A spell caster who is born with magical abilities.

Wizard: A spell caster who has studied various schools of magic


March 2, 2022
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