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Mohammad Shaikh

Mohammad Shaikh

founder & CEO of Meridio and Aptos, based in United Arab Emirates, California & New York

Mohammad Shaikh also Known As Mo Shaikh, is founder & CEO of Aptos, and co-founder & CEO of Meridio.

Mohammad Shaikh is an entrepreneur and investor who has extensive experience in private equity and venture capital focused on blockchain technology, finance and infrastructure. He has spoken at World Economic Forum at Davos.

Previously worked with Meta, BlackRock, The Boston Consulting Group, ConsenSys, Meridio.

Mo is an expert in going from 0-1 and scaling products. He is a 2x founder and an advisor to several high profile CEOs that are facing industry-wide disruption. Mo combines his knowledge of building products, fundraising, developing business strategy & scaling teams. He has over a decade of depth in capital markets, private equity, venture capital across US, EU and Middle East markets.



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