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Moelven Industrier

Moelven Industrier

Moelven Industrier is a scandinavian industrial group founded in 1899.

About Moelven

Moelven is a Scandinavian industrial group that produces building products and systems for the construction industry. We shall be the natural choice for people building and living the Scandinavian way.

For more than 100 years, Moelven has been supplied socially beneficial and sustainable products and services. In partnership with our customers, we want to use the opportunities to drive forth both small and large innovations. We want to be a reliable player that customers and suppliers trust. With sustainable spruce and pine as raw materials, our wide-ranging product and service range makes us one of the leading players in the industry.

We sell raw materials further for processing in other industries and use it in our own products where we manufacture everything you need in terms of wood for your home, lumber for industry, glulam, building modules, flexible office solutions, chips and bioenergy.

Moelven has evolved from having one factory in Moelv producing wagon wheels dipped in boiling oil, to an international timber processing group. Here you can see how this came about.

The future is built with wood

Sustainability is crucial to our competitiveness. Therefore, we have set ambitious and concrete sustainability goals within four main areas. For one thing we can state for years to come: We will contribute to a sustainable future in wood.

Our values
We make use of our opportunities

We reach for the opportunities that surround us, just like the branches of a tree. We think out of the box and adapt to our environment, so that we can grow and remain viable under all conditions. ​

We deliver

Moelven is reliable, and we keep to our promises. We build trust by cooperating and communicating with everyone around us. This means that we stand steady in both calm and stormy weather. ​

We take responsibility

We manage the renewable resources we live off with respect and care. We all take responsibility for creating a safe workplace where we take care of people and the environment. These are our fundamental values.


Glulam is a completely eco-friendly material, and laminated timber beams can be used for everything from large industrial buildings to single family homes. Glulam offers wide freedom of architectural design.

Its good environmental and fire-resistant properties are often the deciding factors in the choice of glulam for load-bearing structures in large buildings. Following extensive development work, timber bridges have also come to be an important market area for Moelven glulam.

Leading manufacturer

Moelven develops and manufactures glulam industrially under controlled conditions at three production plants: Moelven Töreboda, Sweden, and Moelven Limtre, Norway, with plants in Moelv and Vatnestrøm, Norway. Moelven Töreboda, which was established in 1919 and is the oldest glulam factory in the world, is now one of the leading manufacturers of glulam in Europe.

Consultancy at the inception of the project

Besides the production of standard and special beams, Moelven Töreboda and Moelven Limtre offer professional consultancy at the inception of the project, and also develop special structures as required. Project deliveries can be offered complete including mounting in-situ.

Long lengths can be manufactured

Laminated timber beams are built up from a number of high-quality, spruce laminated timber lamellas, glued together, and available in a number of different classes of appearance and dimensions. Using finger jointing, very long lengths can be produced. The manufacturing principle is simple: laminated timber sections (boards) are stacked and glued together to make large structural elements. Size and length are limited primarily by transportation capabilities.

Stronger than ordinary timber

Glulam is stronger and more rigid than solid timber of the same dimensions. This is due to the lamella effect: glulam incorporates lamellae of varying strengths, and the risk of defects in multiple laminated timber sections ending up together is very small. Laminated timber is also sorted based on durability and the strongest laminated timber is deployed at the extremities of each beam, where the tensions are generally greatest.

Financial information

Moelven strives to communicate actively and openly with the market and gives all interested parties equal access to financial information. On our financial pages you will find reporting of results and information about the principles by which Moelven is governed.

Interior systems

Moelven is a leading manufacturer and supplier of complete, flexible interior partition systems and ceilings, tailored to customer requirements. In Norway, we go by the name of Moelven Modus AS, and in Sweden we are known as Moelven Modus AB, but the concept is the same.

We offer delivery of the entire value chain from consultancy and product development to installation of complete and finished interior fittings, as well as maintenance services throughout the building’s life span.

Complete solutions and an industrial process

Our service chain covers everything from needs analysis and consultancy, project management and installation to ready-made premises and facilities management. Our interior system is produced in an industrial construction process.

Better quality and better value for money

The method we use makes it easy to use ready-mountable and moveable interior partition systems to build new workplaces and to convert workplaces as and when needs change. System walls make for a cleaner, tidier appearance, high quality and better value for money in the long run for the property owner compared to an office constructed in-situ.

A simple principle for a great deal of freedom

The method is based on a simple principle: all the system partitions are mounted between ready-made surface layers, from floor to ceiling, and with ready-painted exterior walls. The property owner or tenants can start with completely empty premises and fit partitions exactly as they want, and there is plenty of scope for variations. Moelven Modus AS and Moelven Modus AB have the capacity, if needed, to engage large-scale resources for manufacturing and installation, without compromising on precision and effectiveness.



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