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Moderne, Inc.

Moderne, Inc.

Moderne is a company developing code automation for software development.


Moderne, Inc. is a company developing code automation for software development. The company was co-founded in 2020 by Olga Kundzich and Jonathan Schneider (who also serves as the CEO), both formerly of Pivotal Software. Moderne's software is based on a program called OpenRewrite, a large-scale automated refactoring tool for code that was developed by Schneider while he worked for Netflix.

Moderne enables companies to upgrade their code while still preserving existing functionality. Companies can use Moderne while updating third-party dependencies, libraries, and frameworks; for scanning codes to eliminate Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs); and for maintaining internal APIs.


OpenRewrite is Moderne's large-scale distributed source code refactoring for framework migrations, vulnerability patches, and API migrations, with a focus on the Java language. The product also offers a semantic code search and transformation ecosystem for Java and other source code. The tool consists of a platform of prepackaged refactoring recipes for stylistic consistency tasks, and to allow users to define custom recipes to achieve a range of source code transformations.

OpenRewrite works by making changes to Abstract Syntax Trees (AST) representing a user's source code and printing the modified trees into source code. The tool allows a user to review changes in a code before committing, with modifications to the source code can be aggregated into recipes. These recipes make minimally invasive changes to a source code while honoring the original format.

Funding Rounds

On June 21, 2020, Moderne completed a $4.7 million seed round. The round was led by True Ventures and included participation from Mango Capital,, Github CTO Jason Warner, Datadog CEO and co-founder Olivier Pomel, and Coverity co-founder and former CTO Andy Chou.


June 2021
Moderne, Inc. raises a $4,700,000 seed round from Andy Chou, Jason Warner, Mango Capital, Olivier Pomel, and True Ventures.

Funding rounds


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