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KETS Quantum Security

KETS Quantum Security

Company developing optical communications hardware for strong digital encryption.

KETS Quantum Security is a University of Bristol start-up company developing a range of technologies for quantum-secured communications to improve the secure transmission of information such as banking details and medical records.

KETS Quantum Security Ltd comes from the Quantum Engineering Technology Labs (QETLabs) at the University of Bristol and is a partner in the Quantum Communications Hub, part of the National UK Quantum Technologies Programme. Drs Philip Sibson, Jake Kennard and Chris Erven formed the company in 2016 after winning the Bristol SETSquared New Enterprise Award in 2015. Establishing secure communications using future-proof, scalable, and easily-deployed hardware solutions is their mission.

Some of the world's first integrated quantum secured encryption technologies, such as quantum random number generators and full quantum key distribution devices have been developed by KETS Quantum Security. Application of their technology include defense, telecoms, and critical infrastructure and target end-users include finance, governments and data centers.


KETS Quantum Security was founded by Caroline Clark, Chris Erven, Jake Kennard and Philip Sibson.


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