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Jeff Hammerbacher

Jeff Hammerbacher

Founder of Hammer Lab and Cloudera

Jeff Hammerbacher is an entrepreneur who started his career as a Quantitative Analyst at Bear Stearns & Co. in 2005. Hammerbacher received his education in Mathematics at Harvard University from 2000 to 2005.

The companies that Hammerbacher has helped founded includes Cloudera, The COVID Tracking Project, and Related Sciences. His experience with data analysis and health has led him to helping with the launching of a company that is designed to provide the public with COVID-19 testing data. He is a board member at CIOX Health and has been a lead as a data manager at Facebook.

Through his work at Facebook, he and his team created two open source projects. The first was Hive, which is a system for offline analysis. Hives is built on top of Hadoop and Cassandra, which is a structured storage system on a P2P network.


His work as a founder at Cloudera has enabled him to create a company that is designed to be an enterprise data cloud. Cloudera joined with Hortonworks in order to grow their businesses, and assist with business achievements.


October 3, 2020
Founder and member of the advisory board at The COVID Tracking Project
October 3, 2008
Was a founder at Cloudera
Partner at Techammer
March 2006
Was a Manager of Data at Facebook
June 2005
Was a Quantitative Analyst for Bear Stearns & Co

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