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Invitro is a Russian company providing services in the field of laboratory diagnostics. The main activity is laboratory analysis.

About the company

Invitro is one of the leading private medical group of companies specializing in laboratory diagnostics and medical care. "Invitro" has one of the largest networks of medical offices (6 more than 1,500) in the countries and 8 state-of-the-art laboratory complexes, which annually perform more than 76 million studies. The Invitro group of companies includes diagnostic centers, own medical clinics, as well as Vet Union, which provides laboratory services in veterinary medicine.

History of the company

The company was founded by the resuscitator Alexander Ostrovsky in 1995, and in 2000 the first medical office "Invitro" was opened. At that time, the range of available studies was only 30 tests. Today, the Invitro network covers more than 580 cities not only in Russia, but also in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan. Eight central laboratories perform more than 2,000 types of research. Over the years, Invitro has become a diversified medical company with broad expertise and many different business areas.

Social responsibility

Invitro adheres to the principles of evidence-based medicine, as well as ethical and responsible business conduct. We build effective cooperation with professional medical communities and public organizations. Through educational events for doctors and support programs for young scientists and students, the company contributes to the formation of the highest industry standards. Invitro also acts as a partner of charitable organizations, as well as many regional sports and cultural events.

When we founded INVITRO over 20 years ago, we had made an important choice, deciding that we’ll never compromise on quality, whatever the costs. Since then quality tuned into a sort of corporate religion to us. We believe in what we do, we will invest in quality and improve our quality management practice, we will strive to new heights.

Average employee portrait:

Education: professional nurse

Work experience with INVITRO: 2–5 years

Gender: Female

Age: 35 years



• INVITRO became the sole owner of the LECHU medical centers network, the largest in Russia.

• Magnetic 3D-bioprinter Organ.Aut

• Magnetic 3D-bioprinter Organ.Aut developed to carry out for the first time in the world an experiment to print living tissues in orbit was successfully launched from Baikonur site aboard the transport spaceship Soyuz MC-11 on the 3rd of December.


• The company became a laureate of the Russian Federation Government Quality Award.

• INVITRO celebrated the opening of its 1000th office.

• First INVITRO medical office opened up in Armenia (Yerevan)


• INVITRO started a large-scale program of structural and ideological changes, including new company style.

• INVITRO became the first medical company in Europe certified by SIX SIGMA verification program (Moscow lab).


• INVITRO offers its patients over 1,000 types of lab tests, instrumental and radiological diagnostics.

• 800th medical office INVITRO opens in Rostov-on-Don.

• INVITRO leads the Golden Brand franchise ranking. INVITRO franchise is 10 years old.

• 700th medical office INVITRO opens in Moscow.


• INVITRO starts operating in Kazakhstan (Almaty).

• 600th medical office INVITRO opens in Kazan.

• First regional diagnostics center INVITRO Expert opens in Nalchik.


• INVITRO becomes first private lab diagnostics company in Belarus, medical offices and lab complex open in Minsk.

• The first diagnostic center opens in Moscow.

• 3D Bioprinting Solutions – the first private laboratory of biotechnology research in Russia is founded.

• INVITRO wins the public trust award Brand No. 1 in Russia.

• 500th medical office INVITRO opens in Ekaterinburg.

400th medical office INVITRO opens in Kislovodsk.

• INVITRO, with over 200 medical offices already, enters the international market – laboratory starts operating in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.

• INVITRO is acknowledged as the most dynamic franchising company and wins the Golden Brand Award as Franchiser-2010.


• INVITRO wins the Consumer Rights and Service Quality Award – 2011.

• 300th medical office INVITRO opens in Ezhva, Komi.


• 100th medical office INVITRO opens in Nizhny Novgorod.

• INVITRO wins the highest franchising award in Russia – the Golden Franchise.


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INVITRO. The largest private medical company in Russia

September 29, 2016


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