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IMPERIAL-Newton Corp

IMPERIAL-Newton Corp

IMPERIAL-Newton Corp is a Denver-based building material company.

IMPERIAL-Newton Corporation is an American company that manufactures custom and specialized impact sockets, socket wrenches, and other large bolt equipment utilized for large, heavy industrial applications.


IMPERIAL-Newton Corporation was founded in 2002 in Southern California in response to the need for professionally made custom and specialty impact sockets and wrenches for governmental agencies, aerospace, and large equipment manufacturers seeking tools based on international consensus standards, rather than homemade welded scraps of metal and guesswork.

In 2009 the company relocated its headquarters to the State of Colorado, and transferred nearly all operations to the greater Denver, CO metro area. The company selected the Denver Technological Center (DTC) region of Colorado as its headquarters. Operational benefits and tax incentives, combined with the climate, improved cost of living, and a generally active lifestyle it offers employees made it an attractive headquarters choice over other areas.


IMPERIAL-Newton commercially manufactures the largest impact sockets of any brand, some weighing in excess of 450 lbs each, and includes a product range encompassing over 480,000 different sockets and wrenches (more than any other manufacturer). To meet the needs of applications requiring extremely high torque loads above 150,000 ft-lbs (203,000 Nm), they developed and manufactured a novel 4-1/2" square drive, which was based on ASME specifications used widely by US tool manufacturers to produce standard square drive types.

Within the commercial hand tool industry they transformed previously unavailable sizes and lengths into readily available products, eliminating the need of industrial operations like mining and large scale power generation facilities to create homemade tools by cutting and welding pieces of pipe and other pieces in order to obtain the length or size needed. By making such products commercially available and based on applicable ANSI specifications (without welding), this provided a path to compliance and improved worker safety in accordance with OSHA, CANOSH, and MSHA regulations, which discourage or prohibit employers from modifying commercially made tools, nor creating homemade tools. Prior to the introduction of many products offered by IMPERIAL-Newton, there were no commercially available solutions to many large scale industrial socket applications. Thus, a crucial improvement and expansion to safety compliance was facilitated by the introduction of unusual sizes and shapes of commercially manufactured sockets and wrenches by IMPERIAL-Newton Corp.



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