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IDrive Inc.

IDrive Inc.

IDrive — campaign providing online backup service and cloud data storage.

iDrive (formerly iDrive Classic) is an automated backup application[3] that runs on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Phone.

iDrive provides a tool for creating backups of all connected devices. It is possible to open access to documents to other users for collaboration. In addition, the iDrive Express service is included in all plans: if you lose all your data, a hard disk will be delivered to you for their quick recovery.

Cost: 5 GB for free, 1 TB for $ 15 in the first year and $ 30 from the second; 2 TB for $ 30 in the first year and $ 60 from the second; 5 TB for $ 60 in the first year and $ 120 from the second, 10 TB for $ 75 in the first year and $ 150 from the second.


IDrive Inc. was founded by Raghu Kulkarni.


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