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Higher Steaks

Higher Steaks

A cellular agriculture company working to develop steaks and other meat products derived from cells.

Higher Steaks is a London-based cellular agriculture startup founded in December 2017 that is using new, undisclosed cell culture techniques to develop steaks and other cell-based meat products. It was founded by chemical engineer Benjamina Bollag and stem cell biologist Stephanie Wallis.

According to the company website, development of cell-based steaks is more sustainable, cruelty-free, and can reduce the transmission of food-borne illnesses.

In an article published on June 2, 2018, the Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) weighed the benefits and challenges of using cells (as opposed to plant products) to develop animal-free meat. They noted that using cellular components can allow developers to control proportions and types of fats in the final products, allowing them to control the flavor and nutritional content. Also, since the final product would actually be meat, it could be more palatable and convenient to consumers. However, a major hurdle for scientists looking to generate meat from cells is what to put into the nutrient mixture which coaxes the cells toward muscle fibers. Currently fetal bovine serum is used, a product derived from fetal calves in a costly and unsustainable process. These are problems that have already been considered by several cell-based meat companies including Memphis Meats, Just, Inc., and SuperMeat, and others, suggesting one of the main challenges for HigherSteaks will be catching up to other more established companies.

While it has not been stated what edge the company will bring to the development of cell-based meat, founder Benjamina Bollag's research background gives way to some speculation. First, after earning her Master's degree, she went to work for fragrance and flavoring company Firmenich where she developed new flavoring molecules, suggesting she may be able to contribute to more accurately flavored steaks. Following this, she worked for 3D printing and additive manufacturing company Stratasys, where she worked to solve "solidification problems", leading to speculation she might attempt a 3D manufacturing model, which recently gained some traction in Australia.


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CEO and Co-Founder

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