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Google Maps

Google Maps

Web mapping service application by Google

Google Maps are free online geographic maps that you can use through your computer's browser or as an application on one of your mobile devices.

Appearance history

Launched in 2005 on Google's technology base, the service was combined with a road map of the USA, Canada, Russia, Japan, China, and most European countries, enabling the user to build optimal way from one point to another.

The service is complemented by satellite pics, for some areas and aerial photographs, which allow you to see the area in detail from different angles.

It also integrates a business directory containing information about local cafes, restaurants, museums, businesses, and more, their location, and reviews. Google Maps contains about 21 million gigabytes of useful information!

At the moment, 9 out of 10 websites that use maps prefer to deal with Google's service.

Modes and bonuses

Viewing is possible in two modes:

  • Map — represents a schematic designation of the area.
  • Satellite — displays photographs of the desired area.

In addition, there are options that allow you to study the terrain, get data about local transportation, traffic jams, and even view street panoramas.


In 2019, the service was added information from the cameras used to record traffic violations.

In the same year, the Google Maps service acquired an «Incognito» mode to protect users' confidential information.

2020 was marked by the introduction of up-to-date information on the state of the situation with Covid-19 in the designated area on the maps.


June 12, 2020
Google Maps launches new features to help commuters avoid crowds.

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