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Global Wireless Solutions

Global Wireless Solutions

Global Wireless Solutions, Inc. or GWS is an engineering firm headquartered in Sterling, Virginia (USA) that provides provides wireless network testing services, specifically data and engineering analysis. GWS tests and measures wireless network performance of Tier 1 and other mobile operators.


Global Wireless Solutions, Inc. was founded in June 1996 by Paul Carter, and in 2000 it conducted its first year of nationwide mobile network benchmark testing in the U.S. In March 2015, OneMeasure, a mobile diagnostics app, was released.In February 2016, the firm introduced OneScore, a methodology for ranking wireless networks. In January 2019, AT&T launched a televised marketing campaign, called "Just OK is not OK", based on GWS's nationwide benchmarking report. In 2019, it was reported that the company has about 160 employees, and a revenue of $14.9 million.

Methodology and services
Mobile network data collection and testing

GWS measures mobile network performance by conducting controlled drive tests. GWS drives testing vehicles that contain mobile devices, which complete voice and data tasks. The testing vehicles drive along pre-determined routes to test multiple demographics.GWS also conducts walk and venue testing in high pedestrian areas and public events. Testing is done using backpacks with equipment similar to that used in their drive tests.

Benchmarking reports

GWS generates reports on the voice and data results collected from network tests. The benchmarking reports analyze a wireless operator’s network performance over time across geographical markets.



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