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Gavin Andresen

Gavin Andresen

Software developer best known for his involvement with bitcoin.

Gavin Andresen, also known as Gavin Bell, is a software developer by profession. He is mainly known for his contribution to the field of cryptography and online currency known to us as the Bitcoin. To support and nurture the development and the funding of the Bitcoin currency, he founded the Bitcoin Foundation in the year 2012.

Early Life & Biography

Gavin Andresen has completed his graduation in software development and Computer Science from Princeton University in the year 1988. He has helped in developing a lot of software and played a significant role in the Bitcoin Industry. At an early age of five, he moved to the United States and grew up in Seattle. After graduating, he started working for Silicon Graphics Computer Systems.


March 6, 1966
Gavin Andresen was born in Hampshire County.


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