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G2 Summer Launchpad

G2 Summer Launchpad

G2 Summer Launchpad is an initiative by the UC Santa Barbara Technology Management Hub

The G2 Summer Launchpad program provides select students from UC Santa Barbara the opportunity to grow their business ventures while working with help from mentors, IP and legal experts, and faculty. The program also provides co-working in the Wilcox New Venture Incubator at UCSB (The Garage). G2 Summer Launchpad is sponsored by the Goleta Entrepreneurial Magnet (GEM) and donors from the community.


In 2018, six teams participated in the G2 Summer Launchpad program, which was formerly called the Goleta Entrepreneurial Magnet G2 Summer Launchpad program since it was created via collaborative effort by the City of Goleta and UC Santa Barbara to support local technology startups. Though the 2018 participants were all UCSB graduates, and the majority of them participated in the New Venture Competition (another initiative under the Technology Management department at UC Santa Barbara), the G2 summer program is not only available to UCSB students and graduates.


Applications are accepted from the first of May. It is an eight-week program focused on product commercialization and business launch including the following aspects:

  • Go-to market strategies and tactics
  • Operations and metrics
  • Selling and marketing fundamentals
  • Legal formation / IP strategy
  • Financial systems / raising capital



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