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Frank Stephenson Design

Frank Stephenson Design

Frank Stephenson Design is a London-based independent design company, founded by Frank Stephenson.

Frank Stephenson is an independent design company, with world-class talent, open to changing the reality with clients from all over the world. Frank Stephenson is all about unique forms, perfect proportions and exquisite details.

Frank Stephenson Design collaborates with global brands to add innovation and uniqueness to their product lines, along with the attention to detail that has become synonymous with Frank Stephensons’ design ability and reputation.

When a company joins forces with a strategic partner such as Frank Stephenson Design, the parties’ ability to create value rises to exceptional levels.

There is a vast market for these collaborations, ranging from designing products on a small scale, such as sunglasses and watches, to flying taxis, yachts and architecture.

The FS Design Consulting Services are currently engaged in China, USA, Europe, Middle East and the UK.



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