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FedTech is a Washington, D.C.-based company founded in 2015.


FedTech is a Washington, D.C.-based contractor. The company was founded in 2015 by Ben Solomon, after participating in the National Science Foundation's Innovation Corps (I-Corps) program. FedTech invests in technology R&D, mostly within the federal government sector. The company has worked with the Department of Defense, NASA, Department of Energy, NIST, VA, federal labs, research institutes, and corporations.

Products & Services

FedTech supports entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in both the private and public sector through its various programs:

  • Startup Studios
  • Accelerators
  • Internal Innovation program
  • Corporate Venture program
Startup Studios

Startup Studios help develop startups from the beginning phases. Entrepreneurs may first apply to a variety of studios. If accepted into the program, FedTech pairs them with technology developed in either a federal or university lab and will help launch the venture in its final stages. FedTech includes the following Startup Studios:

  • Defense Innovation Accelerator
  • Homeland Security Startup Studio
  • FedTech Startup Studio
  • NASA Startup Studio

Accelerators are cohort-based programs tailored to a specific organization, with FedTech providing resources and education. FedTech includes the following accelerators:

  • xTech Accelerator
  • Innovation Combine Cohort
  • Innovation Crossroads
  • KIC-FedTech Accelerator
  • TABA Program
Internal Innovation Program

Internal Innovation programs aim to bring new ideas into already existing corporate environments. They operate through both short-term and long-term workshops. FedTech partners include the following:

  • VAiNet
  • DISA
  • NASA Entrepreneurial Opportunity Program
  • DOD Elevate
Corporate Venture Program

The Corporate Venture program is a collaborative program between FedTech and external corporate partners to drive mutual growth. Currently, FedTech has a partnership with Proctor & Gamble ventures.



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