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Equinox is a non-fungible community-driven platform launching the highest vetted projects.

Who we are

Equinox marks the start of a new growth cycle – a uniquely decentralized, inclusive platform here to champion our launch partners and educate the market on how positive change can align with the advantages of blockchain technology. We are a community-driven, highly-secure NFT-based launchpad, built to reimagine the responsibilities of a launch provider and ignite experiences full of intrigue, entertainment, education, and engagement.

We are the first non-fungible community-driven launchpad

How we got here

We were born from the equinox itself – the twice-yearly phenomenon in which the sun crosses the Earth's celestial equator, and day and night are of equal length. This crossing marks not just a seasonal turning point, but also a moment to reflect and embrace transformative change through the lens of complete equality. It is this moment that mirrors our values of inclusivity, freedom, and continuous growth – three values to which we believe everyone has the right.

Our vision

We have a vision for Equinox Guild to provide a safe and fair environment for our members to express their opinions and contribute to our growth. For more information on our Guild, we encourage you to read our whitepaper, watch the promo video if you haven't already, and join our Discord channel to talk to us directly.



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