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Emergent Medical Partners

Emergent Medical Partners

U.S-based venture capital firm providing funds for healthcare-focused startups.

Founded in 2006, Emergent Medical Partners is a venture capital firm based in Mountain View, California. The firm was founded by Dr. Thomas Fogarty, MD. By February 2019, Emergent Medical Partners had 23 companies in its portfolio and had sold off shares in 22 companies. The firm’s most recent funding occurred in June 2018, for Relievant Medsystem, a startup specializing in therapeutic medical devices for people with back pain.


Generally, Emergent Medical Partners finances companies in the field of life science, specifically those developing medical devices, though they also provide funding for other types of healthcare companies. The firm provides funding for startups who require capital during the early-stage By February 2019, the firm has managed to raise a total of $93 million in funds. Its first funding series was held in March 2012 and collected $55 million, while its second funding series accumulated $37 million in September 2013.


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