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Ember Sword (game)

Ember Sword (game)

MMORPG in World of Warcraft style with a complex economy that revolves around land ownership, auctions, and buying and selling NFT objects.

What is Ember Sword?

The game is set on the dystopian moon Thanabus, with four nations planned: Solarwood, Duskerton, Sevrend and Ediseau. Alpha testing will take place in Solarwood, with the opening of the other nations planned for 2023 and beyond. Once the game is complete, players choose one of the four nations to call home upon character creation.

Ember Sword is in pre-alpha, with plans to open up alpha testing in the first quarter of 2022. Land sale applications are now closed, and the lucky early-access landowners can participate in alpha testing.

It’s built on the Ethereum blockchain to power collectible NFTs and landownership. Ember is the in-game currency, an ERC-20 token that you can purchase in-game (if it has the supply) and used to buy land and collectible in-game NFTs.



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