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Deep Sentinel

Deep Sentinel

Deep Sentinel is a U.S-based company offering AI-based home security systems founded in 2016 by David Selinger.

Deep Sentinel is a company which offers artificial intelligence (AI) based home security systems. Deep Sentinel was established in 2016 by David Selinger and Winston Chen. The company aims to interrupt real-time criminal activities that are happening in a customer’s residence through its products and services. Deep Sentinel is based in Pleasanton, California.

Product & Service

Deep Sentinel operates by combining its human surveillance team with its products, which consist of a range of wireless cameras and motions sensors, as well as predictive AI software. Customers who wish to use the service needs to purchase Deep Sentinel’s equipment for a one-time fee, in addition to a monthly subscription to its human surveillance team and predictive AI service.

Deep Sentinel’s system function by utilizing a perimeter system through the use of its equipment. Suspicious activities involving humans would be identified and differentiated from non-human ones by the AI system, thus reducing false alarm conditions. In circumstances where home intruders are found, equipment to deter these intruders would be activated, alongside warnings from the human surveillance team. If the situation escalates, law enforcement officials will be notified.


Since its founding year, Deep Sentinel has received a total funding of $7.4 million through two funding rounds. The company’s most recently held round was a Series A in April 2018. The company has been funded by four investors, which include Lux Capital and UP2398.


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