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Dale W Wood

Dale W Wood

Global Private Investor & Founder of Dale Venture venture capital firm.

About Dale W. Wood

Dale W. Wood is the founder of Dale Ventures, an investment holding group and venture capital firm centered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Now hailing from Costa Rica, Dale Wood attended the Edwin L. Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Texas where he studied International Business. As part of his education at Cox, he spent several months in Mexico learning about Latin-American culture.

Dale Wood then founded, led, and oversaw various Internet-based companies for nearly two decades, including web consulting service Netualize, Inc. and HealthYes! Preventive Screening. He later decided to leverage his extensive industry contact list and broad knowledge to invest in high-potential entrepreneurs around the globe via Dale Ventures.

In Dale Wood’s words,

“Operations are in my DNA, and while I still take on a management role when duty calls, I hope to spend most of my time jetting around the world and helping exciting ventures become the next big thing.”

Dale Ventures has invested millions of dollars in a number of high-potential companies, including Instanda, Rayo Credit, Arcadier, TechMet, and Huma.

The company’s most recent move was to invest an additional £5.8 million in insure-tech firm Instanda, a venture CEO Dale Wood has called “genuinely innovative.” Other investments include seed funding for online marketplace builder Arcadier, more than $500,000 in Irish technology metal supply company TechMet and a commitment of up to $5 million to Rayo Credit Costa Rica as the business launch its expansion to Columbia.

Over the last several years, investments in companies poised to innovate have made Dale VenturesVentures a major player in industries including financial and business services, technology and media, real estate and consumer services.


June 9, 1983
Dale W Wood was born in Republic of Costa Rica.


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