Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Country in central America

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Debbie Ponchner
June 17, 2020
Scientific American
Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives.
December 11, 2019
With unemployment at one of the lowest levels it has been in a long time, this year's season scramble for qualified regular workers may be a little more complicated. With qualified available talent harder to find, numerous retailers began selecting seasonal employees as far back as September. Trying to find professional temporary employees may be difficult, but it isn't impossible. Ann Marie Puig, a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist from Costa Rica, offers tips on how to hire the...
Reuters Editorial
October 30, 2019
Costa Rica's government said on Wednesday it defers to Chile, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and member states on how to proceed with the United Nations global climate change summit, COP25.
October 27, 2019
You might not have begun as a business head when you opened your independent venture; however, it is most likely an expertise you should create as you push ahead. Without business administration, your private company ship will circle erratically and, in the end, come up short on control. Powerful business initiative requests a chief of the boat, not simply somebody who's remaining by the rudder. Authority is dynamic, not inactive. Ann Marie Puig, a successful entrepreneur and philanthro...
Marie Haga
October 25, 2019
Scientific American Blog Network
We need to find more resilient strains in the wild and on small farms and preserve them in gene banks
October 14, 2019
As though the biggest monetary emergency since the Great Depression wasn't a sufficient test to the inventory network industry, the presentation of the smartphone and progressed analytics into the commercial center upset the business further by giving an exponentially developing shopper base and simple access to products and data. Organizations stumbled over themselves to construct internet business gateways, and a single tick buying developed in importance., , , , These adjustments in the co...
Jada Wong
October 14, 2019
Business Insider
EarthPak dry bags aren't the prettiest but they're definitely durable, waterproof, and coming with us on our next trip to Hawaii.
Erin Brodwin
October 14, 2019
Business Insider
Costa Rica's Sloth Sanctuary takes in abandoned or physically disabled sloths and gives them a new chance at life, and I got to visit the magical place.
October 6, 2019
There are various ways companies decide essential staffing levels at their organizations. Deciding these perfect levels is significant for each business to meet their staffing needs consistently without having abundance staff present. It improves the client experience and permits organizations better possibilities for progress and development. Ann Marie Puig, a successful business owner and philanthropist from Costa Rica, offers some of the techniques organizations can use to settle on b...
Abigail Eisenstadt
October 4, 2019
Contaminants from volcanic eruptions leach into water at different rates depending on the shape of the volcanic ash particles, according to new research that could enhancing scientists' ability to predict water quality risk in volcanically active regions.
September 22, 2019
A great many people know about the use of the employee suggestion box in the workplace - a physical box that is typically mounted on a wall somewhere that allows employees to provide suggestions. However, it often only collects dust, trash and off-color comments from frustrated employees. Notwithstanding, worker recommendations can be an amazing driver of authoritative improvement and the test for business owners is to make it worthwhile for workers to share their thoughts. Ann Marie Pui...
Marla Cone
September 21, 2019
From California to Costa Rica and beyond, farmers are experimenting with new crops and growing tactics.
September 16, 2019
Sales in the eCommerce realm have kept on developing against retail sales, with the quickest increases occurring in developing markets. The worldwide portion of sales conducted in cash has tumbled from 89% to 77% in the previous five years, as indicated by a 2018 McKinsey report, but this shouldn't imply that eCommerce businesses ought to stay complacent. Staying on top of trends in the industry is vital to continued growth and Jose Duarte, an entrepreneur and businessman from Costa Rica,...
September 9, 2019
When contemplating procedures for better B2B marketing, some businesses consider immediate or outbound alternatives with an end goal to be convincing and catch consumers' consideration so as to get them to connect with the organization. While this is unquestionably a vital piece of any marketing plan, it isn't the main choice and there are various roads to investigate when building up a successful B2B promoting system. Jorge Zuñiga, a successful entrepreneur and businessman from Costa Ric...
August 19, 2019
Beginning a business isn't simple. Regardless of whether it's picking a business thought, making a strategy or endeavoring to verify financing, a ton of things can turn out badly. Be that as it may, with a strong thought and a solid emotionally supportive network, a woman can easily turn into an effective business visionary. Ann Marie Puig, one of Costa Rica's most prolific female entrepreneurs and philanthropists, proves some tips for women who are considering launching their own busine...
March 20, 2019
Company will trial new greener cups in several markets worldwide in the coming year, roll out new strawless lids in the U.S. and Canada, and provide customers an opportunity to digitally trace their coffee's journey from seed to cup Sipping your hot coffee from a paper cup that you can recycle or compost in your community. Enjoying a cold coffee beverage with a recyclable, strawless lid instead of a conventional plastic straw. And checking the Starbucks mobile app to see the journey o...
March 12, 2019
Costa Rica's first lady is leading a green new deal of sorts for her country. If it succeeds, it would provide a road map to others.
Fink Densford
December 13, 2018
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