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DOOGEE is a Chinese mobile communications company established in 2013.

The official name of the company is Shenzhen DOOGEE Hengtong Technology Co. Limited, with its headquarters now located in Shenzhen, China. DOOGEE's primary products are its range of smartphones/mobile phones however it additionally produces accessories that compliment there smartphones, such as wireless charging pods and cases. The companies official slogan is "Live Your Life".

Since 2015, the DOOGEE Mix has been ranked the second best selling phone in Spain.


DOOGEE was founded in March of 2013 in Spain. Within the same year, the company sparked the interest of Xin Chao, the CEO of Hongkong KVD International - a company that manufacture communication equipment in Shenzhen. Eventually, Hongkong KVD International invested in DOOGEE resulting in their headquarters relocating to their current location in Shenzhen, China.

DOOGEE proceeded to release their phone that same year and the year after, in 2014, DOOGEE also released their octa-core smartphone.

Villarreal CF Partnership

On the 27th February 2014, DOOGEE became the official partner of the Spanish football club, Villarreal CF. President of DOOGEE Xin Chao, and DOOGEE Spain, Rafa Mecho reached an agreement with the president of Villarreal, Fernando Roig, to make DOOGEE the official smartphone of the soccer team. The partnership announcement came along with the unveiling of a limited edition phone of the partnership named: DG 2014 Villarreal CF limited edition. The president of Villarreal, Fernando Roig, revealed that the partnership with DOOGEE was also part of the football clubs initiative to opening the club to china. This initiative included the clubs Wanda project where talented Chinese soccer players were sent to Spain to train and improve their football skills. Additionally, the initiative included the clubs collaboration with the Chinese sportswear company, Xtep. Villarreal's president expressed the importance of collaborating with these three Chinese companies in establishing a relationship with the Chinese people and in doing so, opening up a market in China. The partnership between DOOGEE and Villarreal was agreed to last until June 2015. During that time DOOGEE's logo as well as other promotional banners were displayed on the advertising panels located on the side of the football field. This allowed attendees of Villarreal's football matches as well as viewers watching from around the world to see DOOGEE's advertising campaigns. Furthermore, as part of their partnership, DOOGEE's devices were retailed at Villarreal's official club store, located in Spain. During the press event Fernando Roig commented "Hopefully it is the beginning of a long relationship in which the two parties leave very benefited." The alliance between the two companies did greatly benefit DOOGEE.

Southeast Asia and the Johor Darul Takzim Partnership

After DOOGEE's successful penetration and establishment in the European market through their sponsorship of Villarreal, the technology company sought to further expand its market in the Southeast Asian region. The first step in their move towards the region involved the opening of a representative office in Thailand as well as signing deals with many online retailers to provide their products in the region. The company then adopted the same strategy used in Europe to rapidly expand within the Asian region. In 2015 the company signed a deal to become a sponsor of Johor Darul Ta'zim - a Malaysian football club playing in the Malaysian Super League (the highest level of football in Malaysia). By once again, working alongside a team that provided such a great reach within the Malaysian market, DOOGEE was able to rapidly gain sales within the southeast Asian market. Soon after their expansion into Southeast Asia, DOOGEE's Valencia DG800 was named the "most popular phone for women" by a major magazine in Thailand called the "The Edger".

Global Expansion

In 2016, DOOGEE decided to provide their products to the global market and expand their operations. DOOGEE negotiated multiple deals with several online distributors as well as physical stores, to allow individuals around the world to have access to their products. To meet the demands of their global expansion, DOOGEE constructed additional factories in North, West and East Africa, as well as branch headquarters in these areas.According to DOOGEE, sales in Algeria have been growing by over 20%, for over two and a half years now, indicating the rapid growth they've experienced through their global expansion. In 2017, DOOGEE expanded its European marketing efforts by advertising their products in the English Premier League. Their advertisements were shown on the field side advertisement panels, allowing in-person spectators as well as viewers worldwide to see their promotional campaign.


DOOGEE categorizes their smartphones under four different series, with each series containing around four to eight different models.

S Series

The S-series is DOOGEE's most targeted niche segment of smartphones. The S-Series smartphones are marketed as 'rugged' smartphones with all nine phones within the S-Series featuring a six sided shelter shape, that according to DOOGEE is what allows these smartphones to be "rugged".The most featured phone within the S-Series is the DOOGEE S70.


The DOOGEE S70 is the flagship smartphone within the companies rugged S-Series. The smartphone is captioned "Game rugged explorer" as it is apart of DOOGEE's efforts to explore the gaming smartphone niche. The smartphone is deigned to be compatible with their Gamepad, which attaches onto the smartphone to provide the user with the typical controls found on a gaming control.

The phone was released on Indiegogo early in 2018 in an attempt to raise capital to fund the research and development and the production of the phone. The company had the goal of raising around $21,000 USD, however by October 2018, they had raised over 500% of their goal (over $105,000 USD). This was all raised by the campaigns over 370 backers.

The S70 is built with many features that differentiate it from other mainstream smartphones allowing it to run more intensive and demanding gaming software and hence be marketed as a gaming smartphone.

BL Series

The BL Series consists of five models of smartphones all containing significantly large internal batteries. The name of the series, BL, is simply the acronym of their full name "Battery Large". Four of the phones in this series are advertised with the slogan "Be Long Time, Belong To You". The battery sizes in this series range from 5050 mAh in the BL5000, all the way up to 12,000 mAh in the BL12000 and BL12000 Pro. The BL series provides smartphones which such large battery sizes to cater to users that heavily use their smartphones without access to charging facilities for an extended period of time.

The largest battery size in the BL series is found within the BL12,000 Pro. According to DOOGEE this 12,000 mAh battery can last for 42 days in standby mode (device turned on but not being used), or up to 90 hours worth of call time, or 25 hours of video playback time. In November of 2017, the BL12000 also broke the Guinness World Record for the largest capacity phone battery.

X Series

For customers within Spain, DOOGEE provides a two-year guarantee on all their smartphones, as well as after-sales service in the form a technical service team.


In 2017 DOOGEE attended The Global Resource Show. The show was located in Hong Kong and ran from the 18th April - 21st April 2017 and marked DOOGEE's fifth attendance to The Global Resource Show. The show features over 3800 booths from companies selling consumer electronics and other electronic products.




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