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DEPA is a the natural gas supply company of Greece founded in 1988.

Public Gas Corporation of Greece A.E. commonly known for its Greek abbreviation DEPA is the natural gas supply company of Greece. The registered office of the company is based in Irakleio, Attica. It operates within the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Development. The current chairman is Ioannis Papadopoulos while Konstantinos Xifaras serves as CEO. In 2005, in order to liberalise the natural gas market, DESFA was created as a fully owned subsidiary to transport natural gas within Greece. Since then, DEPA sells gas to large consumers and to the gas supply companies. Natural gas is imported by pipelines from Bulgaria and Turkey and by liquefied natural gas at the Revithoussa LNG Terminal.

In May 2018 it was announced to sell DEPA's subsidiaries in Thessaly and Thessaloniki to Italian company Eni. It was reported that DEPA would only keep the gas operations in Attica area.

In 2019, the privatization of DEPA was approved by the Greek Government, and the company was split into three separate entities: DEPA Infrastructure, DEPA International Projects and DEPA Commercial.



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