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Cyber City

Cyber City

Cyber City is a play-to-earn game with tokenized assets, virtual lands, and NFT characters; the game is set in a futuristic cyberpunk megapolis.


Cyber City is a play-to-earn game offering tokenized assets and NFT characters. The game is set in a futuristic megapolis intended to be endless, and was launched with NFTb's INO Launchpad, the third game to do so, on November 12th, 2021. The launch included a series of 600 NFT boxes which include 1,000 NFT characters, city block virtual land assets, and gear for those characters. The NFT boxes are intended to be exclusive for NFTb users.

The features of Cyber City include a sustainable tokenomics model for staking, farming, and burning; play-to-earn mechanics with gameplay intended to be fun in order to target a broad audience; tradeable NFT assets including characters, land, and gear; and availability on multiple platforms, such as PC, smartphones, or tablets.


The games tokenomics are dependent on two currencies. The first currency is ALM, which is a core currency already on exchanges and a central currency in Alium Finance's ecosystem. This token is staked in order for users to earn the second token: CYBR. CYBR is the game resource token which is earned by in-game activities and passive income from city blocks. The CYBR token is burned when spent in the game, and the emissions are paid by ALM staking. As well, the CYBR token is dependent on ALM.


The Cyber City game exists in a digital world intended to be in the year 2088 and in a world run by corporations and without cultural or national borders. This then offers players a city-based urban-hell environment where players are able to compete and fight and develop their NFT characters.

As well, the gameplay offers a mix between role-playing, strategy, and turn-based combat, in which players can fight for territories where they can farm resources, and they can fight in arenas or wager in companion races. As well, players can trade in-game assets in and outside of the game and form bands, guilds, and alliances to dominate the game setting. And in keeping with other NFT-based play-to-earn games, users are able to forge relics and gear and build and develop land to earn more in-game currency.



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