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Creative Enzymes

Creative Enzymes

Creative Enzymes is a Shirley, New York-based company.

Creative Enzymes is in the field of enzyme ligand screening. The company is specialized in rapid and accurate evaluation of substrates, inhibitors, and other ligands for specific enzymes, based on high-throughput experiments or computational simulation results. They also provide screening of active enzymes against specific substrates or inhibitors, which would help to identify the functioning enzymes in a pathway or the biological target of a small molecule.

Creative Enzymes provides fully customizable screening services in consultation with clients. Supported by enzymology researchers, Creative Enzymes is able to design and perform various screening tests for a variety of applications.

Creative Enzymes provides enzyme immobilization services are targeted at both industrial use and laboratory research. Creative Enzymes provides suggestions on choosing the best matrix. In addition, Creative Enzymes has numerous matrix materials, such as agarose, macroporous acrylic polymers, and nanomaterials, which can satisfy needs in many industries.

Creative Enzymes provides multiple enzyme modification technologies to customers. One of these is the encapsulation of enzyme inside of a host semi-permeable membrane or entrapment in a network matrix such as hydro-gels and other polymeric materials. The fabrication process is easily transferrable to other manufacturing sites and does not need sophisticated equipment.

Creative Enzymes performs measurement of enzyme activities for a variety of application purposes. Their technology platform provides accurate and reproducible results on the activity levels. In addition, their library of enzymes and their substrate and cofactors are claimed to ensure fast activity determination in large batches. Creative Enzymes has built a library, which contains numerous enzyme, cofactors, substrates, and ligands and enables appropriate activity assays for virtually every class of enzymes, including oxidoreductases, transferases, hydrolases, lyases, isomerases, and ligases. The company can deal with unique requests on activity measurement, including cGMP and cGLP compliant services.



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