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Constellation (DAG) is a protocol that uses a directed acyclic graph architecture to achieve a consensus that is, in theory, is capable of infinite scalability.

Constellation is a framework that allows everyone to build and conduct business on a blockchain. Constellation is its own network and blockchain infrastructure.

Entrepreneurs building applications in any industry can add blockchain like functionality and attach incentives to real world business metrics and outcomes. Like WordPress, we provide an open source framework with robust developer tools that anyone can build on. Constellation’s state channels are built on our L_0 standard. We provide data assurance tools and incentives while tapping into the unique capabilities of blockchain technology, providing immutability, security, auditability, and traceability. Constellation’s decentralized value-based network, called Hypergraph, is built for speed and scalability and leverages a reward layer that is used to maintain the network. Currently, Hypergraph supports millions of transactions a month and enables a feeless peer-to-peer network that is used to transport our cryptocurrency $DAG, which is validated by a reputation based consensus. As a microservices framework on a network powered by rewards, advanced business logic and data can be connected to our feeless and scalable network, governed and optimized by mathematical proofs.

Network Participants

Token Purchasers and Holders: These individuals have purchased $DAG, are speculating or trading and/or sending $DAG as a peer-to-peer currency between their wallets.

Node Validators: These individuals manage nodes and receive $DAG as a reward for participating in Hypergraph and consensus. Consensus is the programmatic means to govern and optimize the network with speed and security. The collection of these nodes is distributed, and forms the Hypergraph.

State Channel Businesses: Individuals and organizations can use the Constellation protocol HGTP to create unique businesses and tokens on the L_0 standard, with programmatic, automated and immutable business logic.

Constellation (DAG) is a protocol that uses a directed acyclic graph architecture to achieve a consensus that is, in theory, is capable of infinite scalability. With the DAG protocol and custom state channels, Constellation is driving the evolution of smart contracts by allowing data sources to be integrated into distributed ledger technology (DLT).

The company was launched in 2017 and the DAG roadmap dates back to April 2018. When developing the project, the founding team decided to rethink the usual solutions to many of the problems for existing blockchains, such as scalability and centralization. Constellation is designed to enable the secure processing of big data, offering the ability to connect to external datasets through easy-to-use APIs. Its technology is facilitated by a change in the principle of building consensus via a serverless architecture.

$DAG is the conduit of the Constellation Network's financial health. This ensures seamless exchange and interaction between various government channels and nodes that make up the Network. $DAG ties network components together so that they are connected to each other.

The $DAG data-centric token allows you to assign value to data. Whether it is a single batch of data or an entire stream of data traded in real time based on events, $DAG provides a decentralized data marketplace for the data economy. Thus, it allows individual and corporate users to pre-train data that can securely and compliantly monetize their data.

HOW $DAG token works

The Constellation network consists of $DAG nodes, state channel nodes, and "hybrid" nodes that negotiate for multiple state channels and $DAGs. Each state channel can "license" or share its data with accounts, either by granting access rights through payment in the $DAG, or allowing bandwidth to validate data as a node operator (single state channel node or hybrid). Hybrid nodes allow direct exchange of licenses through atomic commits from hybrid nodes. It is important to note that, unlike classic blockchain solutions, the Constellation Network architecture is based on the concept of microservices. This means that as network adoption grows, different types of hybrid nodes are predictably created for specific applications or tasks. Hybrid nodes ultimately provide cross-chain liquidity, while $DAG is the financial aspect that ties together all types of government channels, data, or currencies.


Despite the fact that the project has just begun its journey, the partnerships are already impressive (note that the token is ALREADY traded on KuCoin):

And now in very simple terms - $ DAG is its own cryptocurrency in the decentralized Hypergraph network from Constellation.

This is a financial status channel where transactions are verified by community node operators on Hypergraph.

The guys are making their own network, such as MATIC , BSC , COSMOS, where $DAG will be a government token - while everything is at an early stage, but it looks very interesting. You can also put the nodes of this project, but there are a lot of problems and you need to delve into it - you can read in detail in their telegram channel.

Max supply: 3,693,588,685

Current circulating supply: 2,320,488,685 4 (Cap not small)


Funding Rounds


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