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Concierge (YouThere)

Concierge (YouThere)

Concierge (formerly YouThere) is an Artificial Intelligence chat bot for hotel guests.assistance.

Concierge, previously YouThere, is a Berlin-based Artificial Intelligence company that builds a chat bot for hotels to assist guests with their requests. The guests talk to a chatbot which understands and forwards tasks to the hotel staff on request. The tasks range from wake up calls to ordering food and items from the hotel's menu.


Concierge offers its chat platform for hotels as an autonomous concierge. As of February 2019, the platform can only serve guests with text messaging. Guests in the hotel chat with the concierge bot on an app rather than a human staff for assistance. The bot can switch to a live chat with the hotel staff when necessary.

Natural language processing and machine learning allow the chat-bot to respond with appropriate messages, questions, greetings, and compliments. It records transactions while requests are forwarded to the hotel staffs for completion. The service can serve multiple guests at the same time, so guests are not held up while they require assistance. The artificial intelligence platform can anticipate context in conversations to suggest additional hotel services to increase revenue. Being able to serve many guests and serve contextual recommendation can lead to better revenue for Hotels.

The platform records all the conversations and transactions with the guests and can create guests profile based on what they have ordered or requested.


The company was founded on August 1, 2017, by co-founders Bijan Mawji and Irfaan Premji. The company’s headquarter is located in Berlin, Germany.



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