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This is the official ICO dashboard for buying Columbus Token.

Why we Invest in COLUMBUS?

The Columbus project looks to solve these inherent problems associated with Decentralized Finance and provide users with a seamless and frictionless ecosystem where they can access various financial opportunities.The Columbus ecosystem simplifies finance and gives the users simple platforms where they can easily enjoy the fruits of DeFi.Christopher ColumbusWe have always believed that the path to wealth is a journey. To find the best opportunities, you often have to explore deep. This what we did, and this is why we took our inspiration from the biggest explorer in history, Christopher Columbus.

Voyager DEX – AAM Exchange,DEX Aggregator & Yield Farm

The Voyager DEX is a Decentralized Exchange Protocol and DEX Aggregation Platform running on the Automated Market Maker (AMM) model, for the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain.

Decentralized ExchangeUsers can swap their BEP-20 standard crypto tokens on the Voyager DEX by connecting their web3 wallets with the Binance Smart Chain network enabled. The platform works and similar to familiar DEXs such as PancakeSwap and Uniswap.

Liquidity MiningUsers can add liquidity to existing token pairs in the liquidity pool and earn passive income. They can also add their own tokens and create token pairs and list their own crypto tokens for their projects. Each liquidity provider will be given Voyager LPs when they stake their tokens. They can redeem these tokens whenever they want by unstaking.

DEX AggregationVoyager DEX is also a DEX aggregator that crawls across various DEXs on the BSC network and provides users with the best value for their trades. Even if sufficient liquidity is not found in the Voyager liquidity pools, the users can still swap their tokens.

Sailor FarmsSailor Farms further incentivizes users for providing liquidity to Columbus Token (CBS) pairs, as well as other token pairs. Users can stake their Pancakeswap LP tokens on the Sailor Farms and earn a high-APR yield.


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The Columbus Token Project

November 13, 2021

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