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Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans

Clash of Сlans isa strategy game created by Finnish developer Supercell for mobile devices . It is distributed under the free-to-play model .

Clash of Clans is a real—time strategy game in which the player needs to carefully plan and calculate every action, since the player will not only have to defend his village from attacks by other users, but also attack them himself. In addition to completing a single-player campaign, you can participate in tournaments. In order to take a worthy place in them, you need to actively fight with other players. But even if you don't want to fight with anyone, no user is immune from an attack on his village if there is no shield or protection. In Clash of Clans, anyone will have to participate in battles for the sake of trophies and resources.


In the game, the storyline is based on the passage of a single-player campaign in which the player will fight with goblin villages (bots), conquering and destroying their fortresses. Otherwise, the player can act completely freely. And this is also one of the reasons for the success of the game.

Clans, clan wars and clan games

Another possibility of the game is to create your own clan or join an existing military alliance. Joining a clan opens up new horizons for battles — it will be possible to participate in exciting "Clan wars" between various clans. Also, participation in the clan significantly increases the capacity of its own base. The player can request reinforcements from his friends at any time. If there are members in the clan who have been playing for a long time, they can send more powerful warriors. Those, in turn, can be used both to attack other villages and to protect their native village. The most important feature of this game is the long process of upgrading the base and warriors, complicated by the fact that the better the elements of your own base, the more expensive it is to upgrade them, the greater their number, the greater the damage from enemy attacks and the more expensive the cost of recovery.

The game has a system of "clan wars" in which players (there can be any number of them) of one clan must attack the villages of players of another clan. The more stars a particular clan gets, the higher the percentage of clan victory in the war. At the end of the "Clan War", the player receives a certain amount of resources taken from the villages he destroyed, and the clan gains experience.

Instead of Clan Wars, the "League of Clan Wars" begins every month. The mechanics in it are the same as in the "clan wars", but for the victory, players receive not only resources, but also "League Medals", for which the player can buy a variety of unusual resources and items.

Also, a special system of "Clan Games" is conducted in the game every month. It consists in the presence of many additional tests for the clan players, the completion of which by the players, at the end of the Games, gives them the opportunity to receive additional rewards.

Special passes

The "Silver Pass" is a test system for the player, which the player can perform simply by playing the game. For completing the tests, the player is awarded points, for a certain number of which the player receives free rewards in the form of resources and some special items.

The "Golden Pass" is the same system, but it is more privileged. By paying for a Golden Pass, the player can get a lot more rewards, special discounts on village promotions, as well as a guaranteed Hero skin.


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Finnish mobile game maker Supercell reported a 26 percent drop in 2018 core profit on Tuesday due to falling revenue for its ageing hit games Clash of Clans and Clash Royale.
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