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Chain of Secrets

Chain of Secrets

These are the core Chain of Secrets' values that we bring to each project we embark on within the Secret community.

We offer fixed income investment services via blockchain to individuals and business investors looking to maximize their ROI (Currently 27% ROI) and who see the benefit of a privacy layer for the Internet of Blockchains.

Chain of Secrets owns and operates a number of different products outside of our investment services.

We are the leading provider in affordable fully-compliant Intel SGX infrastructure to Blockchain Networks, Traditional Software Development Companies and Teams which require Enhanced Application Security through Intel SGX hardware. Chain of Secrets provides entire infrastructure bootstrapping from the ground up for all Intel SGX Blockchains in the world.

Blockchain networks, development teams and network operators (Validators) have all praised our services.

We are a team of technologists with backgrounds in security, networking, blockchain infrastructure, token economics, and decentralized finance.

Our Validator Infrastructure


January 2020
Chain of Secrets was founded.


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