Centana Growth Partners

Centana Growth Partners

A venture capital and private equity firm investing in companies operating in the financial services industry.

Centana Growth Partners is a venture capital and private equity firm investing in companies operating in the financial services industry that is headquartered in New York City, New York and was founded in 2015 by Ben Cukier, Steven Swain, and Eric Byunn.


Centana Growth Partners has made 12 investments, 9 lead investments, and 1 exit. Notable investments made by the firm include: Beacon (series B), SheerID (series B and series C), Ease (series B), Vena Solutions (series D), Sentieo (series A), Alaia Capital (venture round), Quantitative Brokers (funding round), One Inc (series B), and Jumio (venture round and exit).

Investment funds

Centana Growth Partners

On June 12, 2017 Centena Growth Partners announced raising their first venture capital fund with $250 million in funding. The firm plans on using the fund to invest primarily in financial service companies. Centana Growth partners plans on making investments ranging between $5 and $30 million in each company. The firms partner and co-founder, Ben Cukier, made the following statements regarding the firms plans for their first fund by saying:

There is so much hype in the financial services and fintech industry right now, but there are also real companies that are providing real services to the industry. We want to invest in the workhorses, not just the unicorns. These are companies that are powering huge and important parts of the financial services industry, and with the right capital and investment partner, could strategically expand in exciting ways.

Centana Growth Partners II

On December 9, 2019 Centana Growth Partners announced raising their second investment fund with $375 million in funding. The firm plans on using their second venture capital fund to make investments ranging from $5 to $30 million in funding in business-to-business technology companies. The firms co-founder and partner, Eric Byunn, made the following comments regarding how the company plans on investing their second fund:

We continue to look at how payments are evolving and the next layer of [customer] paths, how we’re making paths more efficient and improving the customer experience. In asset management, we continue to look at the next level of democratization of tools to [reach] broader audiences and broader sets of customers, and for identity and security, we look at how technologies and customer behaviors evolve.


Funded Companies


SheerID is an American eligibility verification services company.

A company offering a software platform for processing premiums, claims, and payments for the insurance industry.

Sentieo is a research platform built by former hedge fund analysts for research on public companies. Alap Shah is the co founder and CEO of Sentieo.

Vena is a Toronto-based company founded by George Papayiannis.

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