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Briscoe Group

Briscoe Group

Briscoe Group is a new Zealand retail chain founded in 1862.

The Briscoe Group originally started out as the early version of the "Briscoes Homeware" branding. In 1781 the brand was initially founded in Wolverhampton, England and steadily expanded into the British Colonies including Australia & New Zealand. The first New Zealand based Briscoes warehouse and store was established in 1862 on the corner of Princes and Jetty Street in Dunedin, New Zealand. It began as a retailer aimed at supplying prospecting hardware (including shovels, picks, tents and lanterns).

  • 1973: Australian and New Zealand operations of Briscoes purchased by Merbank Corporation of Australia.
  • 1977: Hagemeyer of The Netherlands purchases Briscoes New Zealand.
  • 1988: Hagemeyer recruits Rodney Adrian Duke as managing director of Briscoes. His mandate was to prepare the business for sale.
  • 1990: Briscoes bought by the RA Duke Trust, a trust established by Rodney Adrian Duke.
  • 1991: Briscoes hires Brian Berry to oversee the expansion and renovation of the Briscoes retail stores.
  • 1995: Briscoes negotiates a limited franchise agreement with Rebel Sport Australia, giving Briscoes exclusive rights to the Rebel Sport brand in New Zealand.
  • 1996: Under the direction and guidance of Brian Berry, the first Rebel Sport store opens in Panmure, Auckland.
  • 1997: First Rebel Sport store outside of Auckland opens.
  • 1999: Agreement with Rebel Sport Australia for the franchise to be terminated with effect from April 2005, after which Briscoe will continue to have exclusive rights to the name in New Zealand.
  • 2001: Retailing interests total 28 Briscoes stores and 11 Rebel Sport stores. Briscoe Group goes public and lists on the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX).
  • 2003: Retailing interests total 30 Briscoes stores and 17 Rebel Sport stores.
  • 2004: Retailing interests total 33 Briscoes stores and 19 Rebel Sport stores.
  • 2006: Retailing interests total 48 Briscoes stores, 27 Rebel Sport stores, and 9 Living and Giving stores.
  • 2008: Retailing interests total 57 Briscoes stores, 32 Rebel Sport stores, and 9 Living and Giving stores.
  • 2012: Briscoes Homeware celebrates 150 years in business.
  • 2016: Retailing interests total 44 Briscoes stores, 36 Rebel Sport stores, and 4 Living and Giving stores.
  • 2019: Retailing interests total 45 Briscoes stores, 38 Rebel Sport stores, and 1 Living and Giving store.



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